Sunday, May 26, 2024
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YouTube just slashed NFL Sunday Ticket prices by 50%

Looking to catch all the NFL action on YouTube without breaking the bank? Well, now is your chance! YouTube has just slashed the prices of NFL Sunday Ticket by a whopping 50%. With the regular NFL season halfway over, you can now grab the remainder of NFL Sunday Ticket at a significantly discounted rate. Whether you choose to sign up through YouTube TV or YouTube Primetime Channels, you can enjoy all the games without the hefty price tag. Plus, you have the option to pay in monthly installments if that suits you better. Hurry and take advantage of this amazing offer before it’s too late!

YouTube just slashed NFL Sunday Ticket prices by 50%

Are you a football fan who wants to catch all the action without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck! YouTube has just announced a huge discount on NFL Sunday Ticket prices, slashing them by a whopping 50%. Now you can enjoy all the excitement of the NFL season without emptying your wallet.

Details of the discounted prices

Let’s dive into the details of these discounted prices. YouTube is offering several options for NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions:

  • If you’re already a YouTube TV subscriber, you can add NFL Sunday Ticket for just $174. This add-on gives you access to all the games broadcast on Sunday.
  • If you’re looking for even more football coverage, you can add NFL RedZone to your YouTube TV package for a total of $194.
  • Not a YouTube TV subscriber? No problem! You can still get NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube Primetime Channels for $224. This option does not require a YouTube TV subscription.
  • And if you want the ultimate football experience, you can combine NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone via YouTube Primetime Channels for $244.

You also have the flexibility to pay for these subscriptions in four monthly installments. However, it’s important to note that you cannot pay for just one month and then cancel. So make sure you’re committed to the full season before signing up.

Payment options and limitations

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply visit the NFL Sunday Ticket page on YouTube or YouTube TV and sign up for the subscription that suits you best. You’ll be prompted to choose your payment method and provide the necessary details. Keep in mind that these discounted prices are only available for a limited time, so don’t wait too long to secure your subscription.

DirectTV’s similar discounts

YouTube’s discounted prices for NFL Sunday Ticket may remind you of DirectTV’s past offers. It’s true, DirectTV used to provide similar discounts as the regular NFL season progressed. This allowed fans to enjoy NFL Sunday Ticket at a reduced price as the season approached its end. Now, YouTube is following in DirectTV’s footsteps and giving football enthusiasts an opportunity to cheer for their favorite teams without breaking the bank.

Coverage provided by NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket offers coverage of out-of-market Sunday games that are broadcast on CBS and Fox. This means you’ll have access to all the action happening outside of your local market. Whether you’re a fan of the Packers or the Patriots, you won’t miss a single touchdown with NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s important to note that the service does not include playoff games or night games. Additionally, locally broadcast NFL matchups are blacked out, so you’ll need to rely on your local channels for those games. Nevertheless, NFL Sunday Ticket provides an extensive range of games to keep you entertained throughout the regular season.

Duration of the regular NFL season

Speaking of the regular season, you might be wondering how long NFL Sunday Ticket will keep you entertained. Well, fear not! The regular NFL season runs through January 2024, giving you plenty of football action to look forward to. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can enjoy the games all the way until the playoffs begin.

Limitations of NFL Sunday Ticket

While NFL Sunday Ticket offers incredible coverage and discounted prices, there are a few limitations to be aware of. As mentioned earlier, the service does not include playoff games or night games. This means you’ll need to find alternative ways to watch those nail-biting postseason matchups.

Furthermore, NFL Sunday Ticket only provides access to out-of-market Sunday games. If you’re interested in watching games from other days of the week or specific teams, you may need to explore other streaming options or rely on your local channels for those broadcasts.

In conclusion, YouTube’s 50% discount on NFL Sunday Ticket prices is a game-changer for football fans who want to enjoy a full season of excitement without breaking the bank. With flexible payment options and access to a wide range of Sunday games, this offer is too good to pass up. So, don’t wait! Head over to YouTube or YouTube TV and secure your subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket today. Get ready to cheer on your favorite team and experience the thrill of NFL action like never before.