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What does TikTok’s EGX sponsorship mean for the games industry?

TikTok’s recent sponsorship of the EGX gaming convention in London is a clear indication that the platform is making a big push into the games industry. With gaming posts generating over 3 trillion views on TikTok last year, the company is looking to expand its presence in this rapidly growing market. While YouTube and Twitch still dominate the video games content space, TikTok is giving smaller developers and creators a chance to go viral and reach new audiences. The sponsorship deal is not only a strategic move for TikTok but also presents opportunities for indie developers and content creators to gain visibility and grow their audience. With TikTok’s increasing influence in the gaming industry, it will be interesting to see how the platform continues to evolve and support the gaming community.

What does TikToks EGX sponsorship mean for the games industry?

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TikTok’s EGX sponsorship

TikTok has recently made a major move into the gaming industry by becoming the main sponsor of the EGX gaming convention in London. This sponsorship deal, which spans three years, shows TikTok’s commitment to supporting the gaming community and its desire to expand further into the gaming world.

TikTok’s expansion into games

TikTok has recognized the massive popularity of gaming content and aims to tap into this market. With over 3 trillion views on gaming posts last year, TikTok has already established itself as a platform where gamers and gaming enthusiasts can come together and share their passion. However, it faces tough competition from established players like YouTube and Twitch, which have long been the go-to platforms for gaming content.

What does TikToks EGX sponsorship mean for the games industry?

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Impact on content creators

TikTok has proven to be a valuable platform for game content creators, helping them boost their audience and reach. Creators like Sophie, also known as Cadaea, have found success on TikTok after struggling to gain traction on other platforms like Twitch. Sophie attributes her increased following to TikTok’s discoverability, which surpasses that of other platforms. While there have been some concerns about TikTok’s payment program, with creators claiming that the amounts received vary significantly, the overall impact on content creators has been positive.

TikTok as a discovery platform

TikTok is rapidly becoming an influential part of game discovery, providing a chance for smaller developers to go viral. The platform’s algorithm has the power to catapult indie games into the spotlight, giving them exposure that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. One success story is the game Billie Bust Up, which received a surge of attention after going viral on TikTok. The game’s creators credit TikTok for their Kickstarter campaign’s success, as they reached their funding target within 48 hours of the viral moment.

What does TikToks EGX sponsorship mean for the games industry?

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Leveling the playing field

One of the key advantages of TikTok as a gaming platform is its low barrier to entry for game development. Unlike traditional game development, which often requires expensive equipment and technical expertise, TikTok offers an opportunity for aspiring game developers to create content with just a phone and an internet signal. This has opened up the industry to a wider and more diverse range of voices and ideas.

Paid content promotion

While TikTok has created opportunities for smaller developers, it has also opened the door for big companies to promote their content through paid partnerships. Similar to other social networks, TikTok offers paid content promotion, allowing companies to boost their visibility and reach on the platform. This strategy has been utilized by major developers like Activision Blizzard, who have paid to promote their new releases across various social networks.

What does TikToks EGX sponsorship mean for the games industry?

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TikTok’s other sponsorships

TikTok’s sponsorship of the EGX gaming convention is just one of many partnerships the platform has established. TikTok has also sponsored events and sports outside of the gaming industry, including UFC, Women’s Rugby Six Nations, and Burnley FC’s women’s squad. These sponsorships demonstrate TikTok’s commitment to supporting a wide range of hobbies and sports, creating positive associations and countering negative headlines and criticism.

Positive associations with TikTok

By sponsoring events and sports, TikTok aims to create positive associations and connect with its users on a personal level. This strategy not only helps to build a stronger relationship with its user base but also counters negative headlines and criticism that TikTok has faced. By supporting hobbies and sports, TikTok positions itself as a friend to gamers and enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

What does TikToks EGX sponsorship mean for the games industry?

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TikTok’s stance on game development

Contrary to rumors, TikTok has denied any plans to develop games of its own. However, the platform is constantly testing new features and exploring ways to improve its user experience. While TikTok’s focus is currently on providing a platform for game content creators and fostering community engagement, it remains open to future possibilities and advancements in the gaming industry.


TikTok’s sponsorship of the EGX gaming convention marks a significant step in the platform’s expansion into the games industry. With its massive user base and growing influence, TikTok has the potential to reshape how games are discovered and enjoyed. By supporting content creators, leveling the playing field for game development, and partnering with major events and sports, TikTok is positioning itself as a major player in the gaming world. As TikTok continues to evolve and innovate, its impact on the games industry will likely continue to grow.