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These SSD drives are smaller than a credit card and start at $44

TL;DR: As of March 11, save up to 43% on these portable SSD drives that are about the size of a pack of gum or credit card. Sizes 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB are available.

With so much hype over cloud storage in the tech world, it’s easy to forget the simple pleasures of the physical kind: Total control over your data and privacy, offline access, and no recurring fees. While using external hard and flash drives may sound a little old-school, this mini SSD by UGR Tech is a classic with a modern makeover Get 256GB for $43.99, 512GB for $60.99, or 1TB for $99.99.

Each SSD drive has a USB 3.2 interface and comes with a USB-A to USB-C cord.

Tiny in size but mighty in performance

Possibly the most standout feature of this mini SSD is its compactness. Measuring less than three inches long, its size is about that of a pack of gum or credit card, making it super convenient for travel, on-the-go, and at-home use.

Its USB 3.2 interface also has snappy transfer speeds, whether you’re moving over files daily or backing up entire systems at once; enjoy read speeds up to 550Mbps and write speeds up to 500Mbps.

Not sure which size to get? Here’s a breakdown

While the exact number of photos, videos, and files you can store in a drive will depend on a number of factors like their quality and size, here are some rough estimates of what each SSD drive could store:

  • 256GB: 64,000 photos, 64 hours of video, or 256,000 MS documents.

  • 512GB: 128,000 photos, 128 hours of video, or 512,000 MS documents.

  • 1TB: 256,000 photos, 256 hours of video, or 1 million MS documents.

Remember that this SSD drive has a USB 3.2 (USB-A size) interface, so you’ll need appropriate cords to work with your Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices. Your purchase does include a USB-A to USB-C cord.

Grab your mini SSD by UGR Tech here for less:

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Mini SSD

Credit: UGR Tech

Mini Ultra Portable SSD

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