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The dYdX Chain has Launched – Bridging and Staking Now Available

We’re excited to share some groundbreaking news with you! The dYdX Foundation has officially launched its open-source software for a Bridge User Interface that allows users to convert ethDYDX to DYDX, the layer 1 token of the dYdX Chain. This development opens up a world of possibilities and expanded utility for the DYDX token. In addition, the dYdX Operations subDAO has released a Bridge User Interface that has been made publicly available, making it even easier for users to bridge their tokens. You can find out more about this exciting launch and access the bridging guide on the dYdX Foundation’s blog post. Get ready to explore the possibilities of the dYdX Chain!

The dYdX Chain has Launched – Bridging and Staking Now Available

dYdX Chain Launch Announcement

On October 24, 2023, dYdX Trading Inc. made an exciting announcement – the release of the dYdX Chain open-source software. This software is a significant development for the dYdX ecosystem, as it enables users to bridge their ethDYDX tokens to the dYdX Chain. Bridging allows for expanded utility for the DYDX token, bringing more opportunities and benefits to users.

Bridging and Staking Features

As part of the dYdX Chain launch, the dYdX Operations subDAO deployed a Bridge User Interface. This interface provides users with the ability to convert their ethDYDX tokens to dYdX Chain DYDX tokens. The bridging functionality can be accessed through Additionally, the dYdX Foundation will be publishing a staking guide in the coming days, enabling users to stake their DYDX tokens and contribute to the network’s stability and security.

Significance of Bridging and Staking

Bridging and staking bring several advantages to the dYdX ecosystem. With bridging, the utility of the DYDX token is expanded, allowing users to seamlessly transition their ethDYDX tokens to the dYdX Chain and take advantage of the new features and opportunities it offers. Staking, on the other hand, enhances network stability and security. By staking their DYDX tokens, users contribute to the consensus decision-making process and make coordinated attacks more difficult, ensuring a more secure and reliable network.

Phases of dYdX Chain Genesis

The dYdX Chain launch goes through three phases of Genesis: Pre Genesis, Genesis, and Post-Genesis. Currently, the dYdX Chain is in the Post-Genesis stage, which consists of two stages: Alpha and Beta. Each phase focuses on different aspects of the network’s development and prepares it for full production.

Post-Genesis Stage: Alpha and Beta

The Post-Genesis stage starts with the Alpha stage, where the network prioritizes stability and security. During this stage, the dYdX Chain aims to optimize its performance metrics and ensure a robust and secure network. The transition to the Beta stage depends on the network’s performance metrics and a successful governance vote. In the Beta stage, limited trading functionality will be introduced, allowing users to start engaging in transactions on the dYdX Chain and preparing for the full production version.

Role of dYdX Operations subDAO

The dYdX Operations subDAO plays a crucial role in the development and operation of the dYdX Chain. It operates the protocol front-end and indexes the network’s operations. It ensures that the network runs smoothly and efficiently, providing a seamless experience for users. In the Beta stage, the dYdX Operations subDAO will enable public accessibility, making it easier for users to interact with the dYdX Chain.

dYdX Foundation’s Bridge User Interface Software

The dYdX Foundation has developed an open-source software for the Bridge User Interface. This software allows users to convert their ethDYDX tokens to dYdX Chain DYDX tokens efficiently and securely. The Bridge User Interface simplifies the process, making it more accessible to users. By open-sourcing the software, the dYdX Foundation promotes transparency and community engagement.

About dYdX Foundation

The dYdX Foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the dYdX protocol and ecosystem. With a focus on fostering community-driven growth, the foundation aims to create a vibrant and thriving environment for users and developers.

Disclaimer from dYdX Foundation

It’s important to note that the dYdX Foundation operates independently from other parties mentioned in this article, such as dYdX Trading Inc. and the dYdX Operations subDAO. The foundation does not take responsibility for their actions or endorse any third-party websites mentioned. Users should exercise caution and conduct their own research before engaging with any of these entities.


The launch of the dYdX Chain and the availability of bridging and staking features mark an exciting milestone for the dYdX ecosystem. Users now have the opportunity to utilize the expanded utility of the DYDX token and contribute to the network’s stability and security through staking. With the Alpha and Beta stages of the Post-Genesis phase underway, the dYdX Chain is paving the way for a fully operational and robust network. The dYdX Foundation remains committed to supporting the growth and development of the dYdX protocol and ecosystem, ensuring a vibrant and thriving community.