Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The best Apple deals to grab leading into Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

We’re tracking Apple deals ahead of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale. Here are the best we’ve found so far:

Best Apple deals

Best MacBook deal

midnight 15-inch m2 macbook air

Best iPad deal

iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB)

$449 at Walmart
(Save $150)

pink ipad air

Best Apple Watch deal

Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS)

$189 at Walmart
(Save $60)

second gen apple watch se

Best AirPods deal

USB-C AirPods Pro

$189 at Amazon and Walmart
(Save $60)

usb-c airpods pro case and earbuds

Best AirTag deal

AirTags (4-pack)

$82.99 at Amazon, Walmart, and Target
(Save $16.01)

four pack of Apple AirTags

Apple products may seem perpetually overpriced, but shopping holidays are a great time to score some deals on them, whether you’re looking for AirTags or a new MacBook.

Though typically the spring goes by without a major shopping event, Amazon decided to change that this year with its aptly-named Big Spring Sale from March 20 to March 25. The sale hasn’t officially begun, but in classic Amazon fashion, early deals have already started rolling out — including on Apple products.

In addition to recent deals on this list, we’ve included some deals on this list that have been live for a few weeks at Amazon and other retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, only because we believe they’re competitive with what’s being offered so far. Check them out below, and don’t forget to look at what else has already been marked down for Amazon’s Big Spring Sale.

Mac and MacBook deals

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air.

One of the best times to grab a big purchase like a MacBook Air is right after a newer model crops up. Case in point: this 15-inch Air with 512GB of built-in storage is $300 off at Best Buy — and it only came out last June. The major difference between this and the just-released Air will be the slightly slower M2 chipset, but we really do mean slightly. Overall, you’ll get a slightly more streamlined machine with the M3, but if you don’t need the latest and greatest and like saving money, this M2 deal is worth looking at.

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iPad deals

iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB)

at Walmart

Save $150.00

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the 2022 iPad Air.

We’re still waiting for those new iPads that rumors said were supposed to drop at the beginning of this month, but in the meantime, this $150 discount on the iPad Air doesn’t hurt. Though this tablet is a couple years old, it still comes equipped with an M1 chip, making it hardly dated. At this price, it’s the same as the MSRP of the standard iPad (also released in 2022), with a better chip. Though we still may get a new iPad Air soon, if you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, opting for the older model may be your best bet. Grab it on sale at Walmart for a full $150 off, or at Amazon for $149 off.

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Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS)

at Walmart

Save $60.00

Why we like it

Value-wise, we think this deal on the second-gen SE stands out among the rest. To be clear, this deal has been live for quite a few weeks now — but so has the $70 markdown on the Series 9. Though it comes with a slightly slower S8 chip and fewer fitness features, the SE still has a basic heart rate monitor, crash detection, and an OLED Retina display. You won’t get the blood oxygen sensor (but these days, neither do more expensive Apple Watches) or an always-on display, but you’ll be paying less than half the price of Series 9’s MSRP.

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AirPods deals

USB-C AirPods Pro

at Amazon and Walmart

Save $60.00

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the USB-C AirPods Pro.

The USB-C AirPods Pro aren’t just one of our favorite Apple products, they’re some of our favorite earbuds overall. Apple users will appreciate the seamless and quick pairing, while anyone can appreciate the top-notch active noise cancellation these earbuds deliver (and have delivered since their Lightning port days). To top it off, they sound great, their battery life is decent, and at the time of writing, they’re back down at their lowest price ever.

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Best AirTag deals

Apple AirTags (4-pack)

at Amazon, Walmart. and Target

Save $16.01

Why we like it

Check out our full review of Apple AirTags.

If you’re prone to misplacing your keys or averse to checking your luggage in fear of it getting lost, AirTags offer a handy solution. Out of the Bluetooth trackers we’ve tested, they’re (naturally) the best for iPhone users. Still, there are some legit safety concerns about AirTags being used to track people unknowingly — buying some for yourself wouldn’t necessarily increase your risk, but it’s good to be aware of the lack of guardrails around Bluetooth trackers in general. Thankfully, Apple and Google have been working together to make sure both Apple and Android users are notified should an unfamiliar AirTag be moving along with someone without their knowledge.

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