Sunday, May 26, 2024
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SwitchBot’s robot hand to unlock your door gets a big upgrade

The new retrofit smart door lock from SwitchBot has a sleeker look than its predecessor. | Image: SwitchBot

SwitchBot has launched a new version of its retrofit smart lock. The SwitchBot Lock Pro ($119.99) offers a few upgrades over the company’s first lock, the SwitchBot Lock, including an aluminum alloy body, a more secure installation, and a new quick key lock / unlock mechanism.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro costs $119.99 (£139.99 / €139.99) — or $199.99 (£239.99 / €239.99) if you want the keypad and Matter hub bundle. This adds fingerprint, NFC tag, and keypad unlocking via the Bluetooth keypad, plus the hub brings compatibility with all the major smart home platforms through Matter and control of the lock when you’re away from home.

Rather than replacing your entire deadbolt, as most smart locks do, a retrofit lock turns the existing mechanism…

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