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Stephen King teases extract from upcoming ‘Cujo’ sequel

Get ready for a thrilling journey back into the world of Stephen King’s iconic novel “Cujo.” Over four decades after its publication, King is teasing fans with an extract from the upcoming sequel. Although it’s not a full-length novel, this short story is part of King’s newly announced collection, titled “You Like It Darker.” The story, called “Rattlesnakes,” follows the protagonist Vic Trenton, who was married to Donna Trenton from the original novel. Set in 2020, the extract hints at a gripping plot involving a grieving widower, an unexpected inheritance, and ominous strings attached. With Donna’s apparent death and Cujo’s demise, the question remains: What will Vic Trenton face in this new tale? Fueling anticipation, the extract leaves readers intrigued and eager for more. Pre-ordering for “You Like It Darker” is available now, with a release date set for May 21, 2024. Get ready to be transported back into the terrifying world of “Cujo.”

Stephen King teases extract from upcoming Cujo sequel

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Story Background

Publication of ‘Cujo’

Over 40 years ago, Stephen King’s famous novel ‘Cujo’ was published. This thrilling story revolves around a rabid dog that terrorizes a small town and the desperate fight for survival of the characters trapped in its path.

Newly announced collection

Now, Stephen King has excited fans by announcing a new collection of short stories. Titled ‘You Like It Darker’, this collection promises to deliver more spine-chilling tales that will captivate readers.

Title of the collection

One of the stories in the collection, titled “Rattlesnakes,” serves as a sequel to the original ‘Cujo’ novel. This continuation of the story delves into the lives of the characters introduced in ‘Cujo’ and brings them face to face with new challenges and horrors.

Extract from the story

Stephen King recently shared a teaser for “Rattlesnakes” on Twitter, giving readers a glimpse into what they can expect from this highly anticipated continuation of the ‘Cujo’ story.

Description of the story

“A grieving widower travels to Florida for respite and instead receives an unexpected inheritance — with major strings attached,” reads the description. The story’s protagonist is Vic Trenton, now an old man, who was married to Donna Trenton in the original novel. This extract raises questions about the fate of Donna and what dangers might await Vic in this dark tale.

Stephen King teases extract from upcoming Cujo sequel

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Story Details


The protagonist of “Rattlesnakes” is Vic Trenton, the widower of Donna Trenton, the main character in the original ‘Cujo’ novel. Vic, now an old man, embarks on a journey to Florida in search of solace but finds himself entangled in a suspenseful inheritance with unforeseen consequences.


The story is set in Florida, offering a change of scenery from the small town where the events of ‘Cujo’ unfolded. This new location presents a unique backdrop for the unfolding horrors that Vic Trenton will encounter.


“Rattlesnakes” takes place in the year 2020, several decades after the events of ‘Cujo.’ This time jump allows readers to witness the long-term effects and aftermath of the traumatic events depicted in the original story.


The plot of “Rattlesnakes” follows Vic Trenton as he seeks refuge from grief in Florida. However, his plans take a sinister turn when he unexpectedly inherits something with significant strings attached. As Vic explores the nature of his inheritance, he uncovers a web of mystery and danger that threatens to consume him.

Character status

Although Cujo, the rabid dog from the original ‘Cujo’ novel, met its demise at the end of the story, the fate of Donna Trenton, Vic’s deceased wife, remains a mystery. Her absence in the extract raises questions about her demise and highlights the potential threats Vic will encounter in the sequel.

Stephen King teases extract from upcoming Cujo sequel

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Previous Story Connection

Connection to ‘Cujo’

“Rattlesnakes” serves as a direct sequel to the ‘Cujo’ novel. It explores the lives of the characters introduced in the original story, particularly Vic Trenton, Donna Trenton’s widower. By revisiting these established characters, Stephen King offers readers a chance to further explore their journeys and witness the lasting impact of the events depicted in ‘Cujo.’

Character relationships

In ‘Cujo,’ Donna Trenton finds herself trapped in her car with her young son, Tad, while Cujo, the rabid St. Bernard, lurks outside, waiting for an opportunity to attack. However, in the extract for “Rattlesnakes,” it becomes apparent that Donna has passed away. This revelation raises questions about the relationship between Donna and Vic and the impact of her absence on Vic’s life.

Stephen King teases extract from upcoming Cujo sequel

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Suspense and Mystery

Excerpt reveals

The excerpt shared by Stephen King provides a teaser of the suspense and mystery that ‘Rattlesnakes’ holds. The mention of an unexpected inheritance and the description of Vic as a grieving widower immediately captivates readers and leaves them eager to discover the secrets that await within the story.

Threat to the protagonist

While the details provided in the extract are limited, it is clear that Vic Trenton will face significant threats and challenges in “Rattlesnakes.” The inheritance he receives comes with major strings attached, hinting at a sinister force that seeks to disrupt his life and potentially endanger his well-being. Readers can anticipate a thrilling and suspenseful journey as Vic battles these unseen dangers.

Stephen King teases extract from upcoming Cujo sequel


Pre-order information

For avid fans eagerly anticipating the release of ‘You Like It Darker’ and the sequel to ‘Cujo,’ “Rattlesnakes,” pre-order options are available now. By securing a pre-order, readers can ensure they are among the first to embark on this chilling adventure.

Release date

‘You Like It Darker’ is set to release on May 21, 2024. This eagerly awaited collection promises to showcase Stephen King’s unparalleled ability to capture readers’ imaginations and keep them on the edge of their seats. Fans of ‘Cujo’ and Stephen King’s captivating storytelling should mark their calendars for this exciting release.

With the announcement of “Rattlesnakes,” the sequel to ‘Cujo,’ Stephen King continues to leave readers craving his unique blend of suspense, horror, and human drama. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of ‘You Like It Darker,’ they are prepared to once again be captivated by the nightmarish world Stephen King creates.

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