Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Spring cleaning starter kit: 8 products to cover all your bases

Each passing year of life is bound to bring new memories, some nuggets of wisdom, and the unsettling awareness of at least one more spot in your home that isn’t being cleaned as often as it should be. Spring cleaning acts as our universal reminder to actually tackle the tasks we’ve been putting off.

What should be included in spring cleaning?

Most people can agree that a spring cleaning is a deeper, more exhaustive clean than what’s covered in a weekly tidying routine, even if there are differences in approach on a more granular level. Spring cleaning goes beyond the quick once-over you give the kitchen and bathroom with your emotional support disinfecting wipes, hitting the spots that aren’t as visible or easy to reach.

The list of corners in the home that hasn’t been touched in a while gets long quickly, and getting overwhelmed by your cleaning to-do list is a recipe for giving up on all of them. To avoid checklist decision paralysis, the first order of business in a spring cleaning is to clean up the checklist itself.

The easiest way to do this is to pick a task or two in each room that you know you’ve been putting off. The crusty inside of the microwave? The cat puke stain on the couch? The space underneath any piece of furniture? It could be as simple as de-cluttering your chaotic cabinet of cleaning products so that getting out the Windex isn’t a daunting task in itself.

Based on the spring cleaning we’ve conducted in our own homes, we have some ideas of where to start. Our checklist ranges from deep cleaning of larger appliances to automated floor care. We’ve also included several cleaning hacks for under $10. To tackle your annual deep clean, here are eight of our favorite hands-on tested spring cleaning products to send you into the new season with a fresh start.

Ideally, these products will minimize your cleaning dread so much that you don’t mind keeping up with the list throughout the year — ultimately setting you up for a less-daunting spring cleaning next year.