Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Relai Integrates Lightning With Help of Breez SDK And Greenlight

Relai, a European non-custodial Bitcoin wallet, has made an exciting announcement at the Plan B conference in Lugano. They have integrated Lightning functionality into their app, allowing users to access the Lightning Network. This integration is made possible through a partnership with Breez, a self-custodial Lightning wallet, and Greenlight, a service offered by Blockstream. By leveraging Breez’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and Greenlight’s backend functionality, Relai aims to provide a seamless and self-custodial experience for their users. With this integration, Relai is positioning itself as a pioneer in the Bitcoin revolution in Europe and advancing the adoption of Bitcoin as a daily transactional currency. European Bitcoin users can look forward to a comprehensive solution that combines self-custody, on-chain transactions, off-ramps, and Lightning payment support all in one application, while still prioritizing the principles of self custody. Keep an eye out for the full release of this integration in the coming months.

Relai Integrates Lightning

Relai, a European non-custodial Bitcoin wallet with broker services, has recently announced the integration of Lightning functionality into their app. This exciting update was shared at the Plan B conference in Lugano. The Lightning support will initially be rolled out as a closed invite-only beta program, gradually transitioning to full public access by the end of Q4 2023. Starting early 2024, Relai plans to expand the integration further by enabling direct purchases through their broker service directly into their Lightning wallets. These developments mark an important milestone for Relai and its users, bringing greater convenience and efficiency to the Bitcoin experience.

Partnership with Breez

To achieve this Lightning integration, Relai has partnered with Breez, one of the earliest self-custodial Lightning wallets still in operation today. Breez has built a strong reputation for its reliability and trustworthiness in the Lightning network ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Relai gains access to the powerful Breez Software Development Kit (SDK). The use of this SDK enables Relai to seamlessly integrate Lightning functionality into their wallet. This partnership marks a significant step forward for both Relai and Breez, as they work together to provide a superior user experience in the realm of Bitcoin and Lightning.

Utilizing Breez Software Development Kit (SDK)

The utilization of the Breez SDK is a crucial aspect of Relai’s Lightning integration. By integrating the Lightning functionality offered by the Breez SDK, Relai enhances the overall user experience within their wallet. This integration allows for smoother interactions with the Lightning Network, further promoting Bitcoin’s adoption as a transactional currency. Relai’s users will benefit from the advancements and innovations made possible by the Breez SDK, making their Bitcoin journey even more efficient and enjoyable.

Integration with Greenlight Service

To facilitate the backend functionality for users, Relai will be relying on Greenlight, a recently launched service by Blockstream. Greenlight runs the majority of the Lightning node software in the cloud, freeing up resources on the user’s device. However, the user maintains full control over their private key, ensuring the security of their funds. Greenlight’s involvement ensures a seamless and quick user experience, while still adhering to the self-custodial arrangement that is at the core of Relai’s principles.

Seamless User Experience

With the Lightning integration, Relai aims to provide its users with an effortless and seamless experience. By integrating the Lightning functionality into their system, Relai enables direct transactions through Lightning wallets, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth interaction with the Lightning Network, making it easier for users to engage with Bitcoin and Lightning transactions.

Self-Custodial Arrangement

At Relai, the team values user control and security above all else. With the Lightning integration, Relai maintains its commitment to a self-custodial arrangement. This means that users have full control over their funds and transactions, without any interference from external parties. Greenlight, despite providing backend functionality, does not have the ability to alter the state of a user’s Lightning channel without their explicit involvement. This ensures that users retain autonomy and control over their financial activities within the Lightning network.

Multiple LSPs as Channel Peers

Relai’s integration with Lightning brings an added advantage of accessing multiple Lightning Service Providers (LSPs) as channel peers. This optionality allows users to choose the LSP that offers the best fees and network connections, aligning with their specific needs and budget. By optimizing for various use cases, Relai empowers its users to have a more tailored Lightning experience, enhancing their overall Bitcoin journey.

No Insight into Users’ Lightning Network Activity

With the integration of Lightning functionality, Relai ensures that it has no insight into users’ activity on the Lightning Network. Relai’s lack of involvement in running the actual LSP infrastructure that users connect to guarantees that the company cannot monitor or track users’ Lightning Network activity. Through this commitment to privacy and security, Relai further reinforces its dedication to providing a trusted and secure Bitcoin wallet.

Collaboration with Breez

The collaboration between Relai and Breez strengthens Relai’s position as a leading player in the Bitcoin revolution in Europe. By incorporating the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet and integrating Lightning functionality seamlessly, Relai enhances the user experience while driving Bitcoin’s adoption as a daily transactional currency. This partnership between Relai and Breez represents a shared vision to make Bitcoin and Lightning easily accessible and secure for people across Europe.

Bringing the Full Package to European Bitcoin Users

With the integration of Lightning functionality and its partnership with Breez, Relai aims to deliver a comprehensive solution for European Bitcoin users. This solution includes self-custodial on-chain storage, on and off ramps, and Lightning payment support. By bundling these features together into one application, Relai ensures that users can fully embrace the principles of self-custody without compromising on functionality or convenience. This complete package solidifies Relai’s commitment to empowering European Bitcoin users and simplifying their Bitcoin journey.

In conclusion, Relai’s integration of Lightning functionality through its partnership with Breez represents a significant step forward for both Relai and its users. The seamless user experience, self-custodial arrangement, and collaboration with Breez combine to offer European Bitcoin users an all-encompassing and user-friendly Bitcoin wallet experience. As Relai continues to roll out these new features and expand their services, users can look forward to a more efficient and convenient Bitcoin experience.