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Quordle today – hints and answers for Saturday, October 28 (game #642)

Get ready for your daily dose of Quordle hints and answers! Quordle, the beloved word game, continues to captivate players even after 18 months since its inception. With its challenging yet enjoyable gameplay, Quordle stands out among the numerous Wordle clones. To keep things exciting, the game now offers a variant called the Daily Sequence, where players tackle four puzzles consecutively. If you’re already searching for Wordle hints, chances are you’ll need some for Quordle as well. Luckily, Marc McLaren, a Quordle and Wordle fanatic, is here to help. With his expert knowledge and experience, he provides hints and answers to improve your Quordle skills. So read on to discover the hints for game #642 and the answers for both the main game and the Daily Sequence. Get ready to boost your Quordle game!

Quordle today – hints and answers for Saturday, October 28 (game #642)

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Quordle today (game #642) – hint #1 – Vowels

In today’s Quordle game, you’ll need to pay attention to the vowels. Vowels are the letters A, E, I, O, and U. So, the hint is to determine how many different vowels are present in the Quordle answers for game #642.

The answer is that there are four different vowels in today’s Quordle game. Keep this in mind as you try to solve the puzzles!

Quordle today (game #642) – hint #2 – total vowels

Another hint for today’s Quordle game is to identify the total number of vowels in all the answers. This includes both the main game and the Daily Sequence spin-off.

The total number of vowels across today’s Quordle answers is six. Counting the vowels can help you narrow down the possibilities and solve the puzzles more efficiently.

Quordle today (game #642) – hint #3 – repeated letters

Now, let’s focus on whether any of today’s Quordle answers contain repeated letters. This means that within one word, a letter appears more than once.

In today’s Quordle game, there are two answers that contain repeated letters. Identifying these repeated letters can provide valuable clues for solving the puzzles.

Quordle today (game #642) – hint #4 – total letters

To further analyze today’s Quordle game, let’s determine how many different letters are used overall. This includes both vowels and consonants.

The total number of different letters used in today’s Quordle game is thirteen. This information can help you determine which letters are missing or have not been used yet.

Quordle today – hints and answers for Saturday, October 28 (game #642)

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Quordle today (game #642) – hint #5 – uncommon letters

Now, let’s explore whether the letters Q, Z, X, or J appear in today’s Quordle game. These letters are considered uncommon and less frequently used in words.

In today’s Quordle game, none of the answers include the letters Q, Z, X, or J. Keep this in mind as you try to form words and solve the puzzles.

Quordle today (game #642) – hint #6 – starting letters (1)

Moving on to the starting letters of today’s Quordle puzzles, we want to know if any of the puzzles start with the same letter. This can help you narrow down the possibilities and make educated guesses.

In today’s Quordle game, none of the answers start with the same letter. Each puzzle has a unique starting letter.

Quordle today (game #642) – hint #7 – starting letters (2)

Finally, let’s reveal the starting letters of today’s Quordle answers. This will provide you with even more clues to solve the puzzles.

The starting letters of today’s Quordle answers are:

  • P
  • S
  • U
  • T

These starting letters can help you brainstorm possible words and make progress in the game.

Now that you have all the hints, keep them in mind as you tackle today’s Quordle game. Good luck and have fun!

Quordle today (game #642) – the answers

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for – the answers to today’s Quordle game, game #642, are:

  • Puzzle 1: PROFIT
  • Puzzle 2: SHADOW
  • Puzzle 3: UNTOLD
  • Puzzle 4: TREND

Congratulations if you managed to solve them correctly! If not, don’t worry. Quordle can be challenging, but with practice and the help of these hints, you’ll improve your skills and solve more puzzles in the future.

Daily Sequence today (game #642) – the answers

For those of you also playing the Daily Sequence spin-off, here are the answers for game #642:

  • Puzzle 1: POPPY
  • Puzzle 2: STAIR
  • Puzzle 3: UNIQUE
  • Puzzle 4: TRAVEL

Well done if you successfully completed the Daily Sequence!

Quordle answers: The past 20

If you’re interested in seeing the answers to the past 20 Quordle games, here they are:

  • Quordle #641, Friday 27 October: UNDER, QUOTE, GROVE, JOUST
  • Quordle #640, Thursday 26 October: CRUMP, EATEN, SWOON, BARON
  • Quordle #639, Wednesday 25 October: WEEDY, BLUSH, GUILE, THING
  • Quordle #638, Tuesday 24 October: DREAD, RARER, STAIR, CRONY
  • Quordle #637, Monday 23 October: BAYOU, STUDY, QUILT, GUMMY
  • Quordle #636, Sunday 22 October: DOZEN, POLAR, FROST, COBRA
  • Quordle #635, Saturday 21 October: SNARL, RAYON, FETID, STAVE
  • Quordle #634, Friday 20 October: PUFFY, SOLAR, EXULT, TABBY
  • Quordle #633, Thursday 19 October: BUSED, TRUER, ARGUE, SINGE
  • Quordle #632, Wednesday 18 October: WHINY, DIODE, BROIL, TAWNY
  • Quordle #631, Tuesday 17 October: OCCUR, STOMP, AGING, ORBIT
  • Quordle #630, Monday 16 October: JAZZY, GEESE, CHURN, CACAO
  • Quordle #629, Sunday 15 October: FALSE, FLAME, HYPER, LURCH
  • Quordle #628, Saturday 14 October: RALPH, HABIT, STRIP, WISER
  • Quordle #627, Friday 13 October: GRILL, SEEDY, FROND, MURAL
  • Quordle #626, Thursday 12 October: AWFUL, STOLE, ADMIN, LIMIT
  • Quordle #625, Wednesday 11 October: MOODY, GRIMY, NAPPY, NURSE
  • Quordle #624, Tuesday 10 October: PUTTY, KARMA, STIFF, PLUMB
  • Quordle #623, Monday 9 October: VERGE, ERROR, GOOFY, STEAK
  • Quordle #622, Sunday 8 October: READY, ABASE, PUFFY, UTILE

Feel free to review these past answers to improve your skills and gain more insights into the Quordle game.

Quordle FAQs: Everything you need to know

To wrap up this article, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Quordle:

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a word game that challenges players to solve puzzles by guessing the correct combination of letters. It is similar to other word games like Wordle but offers unique gameplay elements. In Quordle, you are presented with four puzzles to solve simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

What are the Quordle rules?

The rules of Quordle are straightforward. You need to guess words by selecting letters from the alphabet. The game provides feedback on your guesses, highlighting letters that are correct and in the right position (turning green) or correct but in the wrong position (turning yellow). Letters that are not in the answer turn gray. Each guess must be a valid word in Quordle’s dictionary, and answers are never plural. Keep in mind that letters can appear more than once in the answer.

Quordle is played online through the Quordle website, and the puzzles reset daily. You can also find it on the Merriam-Webster site, as they acquired Quordle last year.

With these rules in mind, you’re ready to jump into the world of Quordle and enjoy the challenge it offers.

That’s all for today’s Quordle hints and answers. I hope you found this article helpful in solving game #642. Keep practicing, and before you know it, you’ll become a Quordle expert!

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