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Phillips-Medisize and GlucoModicum partner on glucose monitoring wearable

Imagine a world where continuous glucose monitoring is easier, more affordable, and needle-free. Phillips-Medisize, in partnership with GlucoModicum, a medtech company based in Finland, is working towards making this a reality. The collaboration aims to develop a non-invasive, wearable device called Talisman that utilizes magnetohydrodynamic technology to extract glucose samples from interstitial fluid. Designed to adhere to a patient’s arm, the device integrates biosensors, advanced algorithms, and connects to a smartphone app for seamless data collection and reporting. With the potential to revolutionize glucose monitoring, Phillips-Medisize and GlucoModicum are on a mission to help millions better manage their diabetes.

Accelerating the product innovation journey

In the quest for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) alternatives that are more convenient, rapid, and gentle, GlucoModicum, a medtech company based in Finland, has discovered the potential of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology. By applying a small amount of energy directly to interstitial fluid, MHD technology can drive it to the surface of the skin for easy extraction of a glucose sample. This breakthrough has paved the way for the development of a new device called Talisman.

To turn this vision into reality, GlucoModicum recognized the need for an experienced contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) to collaborate with. This is where Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, comes in. With its expertise in areas such as industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, connectivity, material science, supply chain management, software development, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance, Phillips-Medisize was the perfect partner for GlucoModicum’s product innovation journey.

Magnetohydrodynamic technology for CGM

At the core of Talisman is magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology. Through the application of a small amount of energy, MHD technology can direct interstitial fluid to the surface of the skin, allowing for the easy extraction of a glucose sample. This non-invasive and needle-free approach offers a more convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional CGM methods.

Collaboration with Phillips-Medisize and GlucoModicum

Recognizing the need for a strong partnership, GlucoModicum teamed up with Phillips-Medisize to bring Talisman to life. Phillips-Medisize, with its extensive experience in the medical device industry, provided the necessary expertise to turn the concept of Talisman into a tangible product. The collaboration between GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize allowed for the integration of MHD technology, biosensors, and advanced algorithms into the design of Talisman.

Development of Talisman device

The development of the Talisman device involved a comprehensive process that encompassed various stages, including industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, and manufacturing. The goal was to create a wearable device that could adhere to a patient’s arm and connect to a smartphone app for data collection and reporting. With the expertise and support provided by Phillips-Medisize, GlucoModicum successfully completed the development of the Talisman device.

Special expertise provided by Phillips-Medisize

Phillips-Medisize’s involvement in the development of the Talisman device brought invaluable expertise to the project. From industrial design to regulatory compliance, the team at Phillips-Medisize contributed their knowledge and skills to ensure the success of the product. Their expertise in areas such as connectivity, miniaturization, and supply chain management helped to optimize the design and functionality of the Talisman device.

Successful completion of the sample product

The collaboration between GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize resulted in the successful completion of the sample product. This milestone marked a significant achievement for both parties and brought the possibilities of the Talisman device to life. With a proven concept in hand, GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize are now preparing for the next phase of the product development journey.

Leveraging high-volume manufacturing capabilities

With their sights set on mass production, GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize are leveraging the high-volume manufacturing capabilities of Phillips-Medisize. The goal is to produce hundreds of millions of Talisman devices on time and in a cost-effective manner. This scalability is crucial in ensuring that the device reaches a wide patient population and makes a significant impact in managing diabetes.

Publication of safety and efficacy results

In November 2022, GlucoModicum published the results of the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of its MHD technology in Scientific Reports. The publication included the findings of glucose tolerance tests conducted on five healthy volunteers, further supporting the effectiveness of the technology. The results demonstrated that the Talisman device’s biosensor is eight times more sensitive to glucose molecules than comparative biosensors on the market, highlighting its potential to provide accurate and reliable CGM data.

Regulatory capabilities provided by Phillips-Medisize

As the Talisman device moves closer to commercialization, navigating the regulatory landscape becomes crucial. Phillips-Medisize’s Design and Development team offers customized regulatory capabilities to medical customers, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FDA and PMDA. In collaboration with GlucoModicum, Phillips-Medisize provided guidance on device classification, risk assessments, and submission requirements, ensuring that the necessary documentation is in place for a successful launch.

Preparations for mass production

With the completion of in-depth clinical studies and regulatory approval on the horizon, GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize are gearing up for mass production. Leveraging Phillips-Medisize’s global manufacturing footprint, supply chain network, and assembly automation capabilities, the companies are preparing to produce hundreds of millions of Talisman devices. These preparations are crucial in ensuring that the device is readily available to patients in need and can make a meaningful impact in diabetes management.

Exploring other potential uses of the technology

Beyond CGM, GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize are starting to explore other potential uses of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology. The innovative nature of MHD technology opens up possibilities for its application in managing other diseases and medical conditions. By continuing to push the boundaries of innovation, GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize aim to make a positive impact on healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

In conclusion, the collaboration between GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize has accelerated the product innovation journey for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology. By harnessing the power of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology and leveraging Phillips-Medisize’s expertise in design, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance, the Talisman device has become a reality. With preparations for mass production underway and exploration of other potential uses of MHD technology, the future looks promising for improved glucose monitoring and disease management.