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Man, just when the Raspberry Pi 4 reaches its stride, along comes the Raspberry Pi 5…for about the same price? SIGN ME UP [Cool]

Discover the exciting release of the Raspberry Pi 5 with improved features and similar ...

1969 BBC’s Tomorrow’s World: Introducing the Moog Synthesiser [Vintage]

Discover the groundbreaking Moog Synthesiser introduced in 1969 on BBC's Tomorrow's ...

“The UK is uniquely placed to become the home of responsible computing. Could ‘coded in Britain’ become a moniker for something special?” Nine out of ten ex-postmasters disagree [Fake]

Discover why the UK is uniquely positioned to lead responsible computing. Learn about the ...

Need to launch a large animal into space but aren’t sure which rocket to use? Maybe an orca or a hippotamus? NASA has you covered [Silly]

Looking to launch a large animal into space? NASA has the rockets for you! Explore the ...

Otto Octavius wanted for questioning [Cool]

Discover the groundbreaking advancements in robotics as Otto Octavius's robotic arm ...

You mean to tell me I gotta learn how to drive a stick now? [Amusing]

You mean to tell me I gotta learn how to drive a stick now? Discover the pros and cons of ...

Will TikTok trend for rubbing rosemary oil into your scalp really stop you going bald? Based upon my research: abso-posi-tivi-lutely. Every day while out for a walk, I grab a bundle of ornamental rosemary and brush down my dog, now a FuzzBeast. QED [Silly]

Looking to combat baldness? Discover the TikTok trend of rubbing rosemary oil into your ...

Subby has not seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, but thanks to this video he has seen an open flame in microgravity on a space station [Cool]

Meta description: Join Subby on an incredible journey as he explores the mesmerizing ...
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