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How is it that ancient buildings are still standing? A mixture of tree bark, volcanic ash, rice, beer, urine… the last two being redundant if it’s Budweiser [Weird]

Discover how ancient buildings have defied the test of time with unconventional materials ...

Aren’t they easier to take, compared to swallowing large bitter pills…? Oh you meant MUMMIES [Strange]

Discover the strange Middle Ages trend of consuming mummies as medicine. Explore the ...

Because for once we’re dealing with archeologists and scientists who’ve actually SEEN a movie or two? [Interesting]

Discover the intriguing world of archeologists and scientists who actually understand ...

Our next AI chapter: synthetic companions that are smarter, more empathetic, and more available than real people. At least until they become self-aware and kill us for never shutting up [Obvious]

Discover the future of AI companions: smarter, more empathetic, and available 24/7. But ...

Why aren’t they in Wikipedia? [Interesting]

Not sure why certain individuals or topics are not on Wikipedia? This article explores ...

Once you’ve made the world’s largest Nerf gun, what’s next? The world’s *smallest* Nerf gun. With practical uses. And Mark Rober [Cool]

Discover the world's smallest Nerf gun with practical uses. Join Mark Rober in exploring ...

Move over bored apes, say hello to bored wasp, complete with nftable jpg [Cool]

Discover the wonders of bored wasps! Explore their intriguing behavior and the ...

Feel as though you have lost your way in 21st Century America? Allow this history to guide you [Interesting]

Lost in 21st Century America? Let history guide you. Explore the fascinating past that ...
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