Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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NYT’s The Mini crossword answers for March 25

The Mini is a bite-sized version of The New York Times‘ revered daily crossword. While the crossword is a lengthier experience that requires both knowledge and patience to complete, The Mini is an entirely different vibe.

With only a handful of clues to answer, the daily puzzle doubles as a speed-running test for many who play it.

So, when a tricky clue disrupts a player’s flow, it can be frustrating! If you find yourself stumped playing The Mini — much like with Wordle and Connections — we have you covered.

Here are the clues and answers to NYT’s The Mini for Monday, March 25, 2024:


What “rizz,” Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year, means

  • The answer is Charm.

Vowel group

  • The answer is AEIOU.

Kings, queens and jokers

  • The answer is Cards.

Providers of oxygen to earth’s atmosphere

  • The answer is Trees.

“___ all good”

  • The answer is It’s (without the ‘).


Desert flora

The answer is Cacti.

Tin Man’s wish in The Wizard of Oz

  • The answer is Heart.

Buenos ___, Argentina

  • The answer is Aires.

Went on, as a roller coaster

  • The answer is Rode.

Tousle, as hair

  • The answer is Muss.