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Nintendo Revealed The New Video Game Voice Of Mario, And Thankfully It’s Not Chris Pratt

Get ready for a change in the Mushroom Kingdom! In an exciting announcement from Nintendo, it has been revealed that the new voice of Mario and Luigi in the upcoming game “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” will be provided by none other than actor Kevin Afghani. This comes after the retirement of Charles Martinet, the iconic voice behind our favorite plumbers since 1991. Although Afghani may have a relatively small resume in the voice acting industry, this opportunity could launch his career to new heights. Fans are eager to see how he brings the beloved characters to life and whether he will become a permanent fixture in the Mario universe. Brace yourselves for a wonderous new adventure as “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” hits shelves on October 20th, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Revealed The New Video Game Voice Of Mario, And Thankfully Its Not Chris Pratt

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New Voice of Mario Revealed

Nintendo has recently announced that a new voice actor will be taking on the iconic role of Mario in their upcoming game, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” The torch has been passed from Charles Martinet, who has voiced Mario since 1991, to actor Kevin Afghani. This news comes as Martinet announced his retirement from the role, leaving fans curious about who would step into the legendary shoes of the beloved character.

Introduction of Kevin Afghani

Kevin Afghani, a relatively unknown voice actor, is set to make his debut as the voice of Mario in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” This opportunity marks a significant breakthrough in Afghani’s career, as he takes on one of the most recognizable characters in video game history. While he may not have an extensive resume, Afghani has showcased his talent in previous roles, such as Raditz in “Dragon Ball R&R” and providing voice work for “Genshin Impact” and “Anime Penguin: Red Snow.”

The Pressure of Replacing Charles Martinet

Replacing Charles Martinet, who has been the beloved voice of Mario for over 30 years, is no small feat. Martinet has become synonymous with the character, and his departure left big shoes to fill. Afghani now faces the pressure of capturing the essence of Mario and delivering a performance that will satisfy fans who have grown accustomed to Martinet’s iconic portrayal. Despite this immense challenge, Afghani expressed his pride and gratitude for the opportunity to voice Mario and Luigi in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.”

Chris Pratt’s Role Limited to the Big Screen

While Chris Pratt lent his voice to Mario in the recent animated film “Super Mario Bros. Movie,” his interpretation of the character received mixed reviews. However, it has been confirmed that Pratt’s involvement with the character will be limited to the big screen, as he will not continue voicing Mario in future video games. This further emphasizes the significance of Afghani’s role as the new voice of Mario, as Nintendo seeks to maintain consistency and provide fans with a fresh and authentic experience within the gaming realm.

The Significance of a New Mario Voice Actor

Having a new voice actor take on the role of Mario in a video game is a momentous occasion. Mario is not merely a fictional character but a cultural icon who has been a staple in pop culture for decades. The transition from Martinet to Afghani signifies a changing of the guard and marks a new chapter in the Mario franchise. Afghani’s portrayal of Mario has the potential to solidify his place in pop culture and make him a recognizable figure for years to come.

Afghani’s Career Break

For Kevin Afghani, voicing Mario in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is a significant breakthrough in his career. While his previous work has mainly involved anime and video games, this high-profile role catapults him into the mainstream spotlight. Afghani’s portrayal of Mario could open doors for future opportunities in both the video game industry and the entertainment world as a whole. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of the game to see how Afghani brings the beloved character to life.

Potential Future Movies for Afghani

It is not uncommon for popular video game franchises to expand beyond the gaming realm and into movies. With the immense success of the recent “Super Mario Bros. Movie,” it is highly likely that a sequel or additional movies featuring the iconic characters will be produced. If Afghani proves himself as a worthy successor to Martinet, he may find himself not only voicing Mario in future video games but also portraying the character in upcoming films. This potential crossover from gaming to the silver screen could further cement Afghani’s place in pop culture history.

Martinet’s Role in the Mario Franchise

Although Charles Martinet is retiring as the voice of Mario, his contribution to the Mario franchise extends beyond voice acting. In addition to providing the character’s iconic sounds and catchphrases, Martinet lent his voice to Mario’s father in previous games. While fans will miss hearing Martinet as the voice of Mario, his legacy will forever be intertwined with the character’s history.

Synopsis of ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” takes Mario and his friends on an exciting adventure to the colorful Flower Kingdom. However, their visit takes an unexpected turn when King Bowser transforms into a flying castle, wreaking havoc throughout the peaceful land. Now, Mario and his buddies must save the day and restore peace to the Flower Kingdom. The game promises a wondrous new adventure, filled with familiar characters, challenging obstacles, and the trademark charm that has made the Mario franchise beloved by fans worldwide.

Release Date of ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’

Fans won’t have to wait long to experience Kevin Afghani’s portrayal of Mario in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” The highly anticipated game is set to be released on October 20, 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Players can look forward to diving into a new Mario adventure and witnessing the beginning of a new era for the beloved character. As Afghani takes on the role, fans eagerly anticipate the unique voice and interpretation he will bring to this iconic video game character.