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New Artist Spotlight: Millennium Resorts Combines the Best Parts of Future Bass, Dream Pop, and Prog Rock in Upcoming Album

Experience the captivating fusion of future bass, dream pop, and prog rock in the upcoming album by Millennium Resorts. The Austin-based production and musician duo have seamlessly blended these genres to create a truly immersive and emotive experience. Their first single, “Happiness,” showcases their unique sound, with elements of shoegaze-style ambient programming, powerful guitar riffs, and a touch of experimental composition. Reminiscent of artists like M83 and Pink Floyd, Millennium Resorts takes listeners on a sonic journey, drawing them in with each intricately crafted track. As they gear up to release their concept album, “In the Key of David,” fans can expect a heady and mesmerizing musical experience. Stream “Happiness” now on Spotify or Bandcamp, and prepare for the full album release in January.

Album Introduction

Millennium Resorts, an Austin-based production/musician duo, is set to release their highly anticipated album, “In the Key of David.” The album promises to be a captivating and immersive experience, combining elements of future bass, dream pop, and prog rock. With their unique fusion of genres and experimental composition, Millennium Resorts offers listeners a fresh and innovative sound.

Single Releases

Two Different Versions of ‘Happiness’

Millennium Resorts has released the track “Happiness” as the first single from their upcoming album. Interestingly, they have created two distinct versions of the song. The full album version showcases their wall of sound approach, drawing inspiration from shoegaze and dream pop. In contrast, the radio edit offers a more minimalistic and raw sound, providing a different perspective on the track.

Release Plan

With the recent release of “Happiness,” Millennium Resorts has unveiled their release plan for “In the Key of David.” They plan to drop one more track, titled “The Big Show,” before the album’s full release on January 26. The duo has emphasized that the album is a concept album, intended to be listened to from start to finish. This comprehensive approach ensures a cohesive and immersive listening experience for the audience.

Concept Album

Intended Listening Experience

One of the defining aspects of “In the Key of David” is its intention to be listened to as a complete album. Millennium Resorts meticulously composed and executed the album as a whole, rather than a collection of individual songs. This ensures that each track flows seamlessly into the next, creating a narrative and enveloping the listener in the world of the music.

Composed as a Whole

The duo approached the creation of “In the Key of David” with a clear vision in mind. They meticulously outlined the album’s structure and concept before delving into the production process. This attention to detail allows Millennium Resorts to craft a cohesive and thought-provoking musical journey for their audience.

Analysis of ‘Happiness’

Combination of Genres

“Happiness” showcases Millennium Resorts’ ability to seamlessly blend different genres. Drawing influences from future bass, dream pop, and prog rock, the track encompasses a wide range of musical elements. The fusion of these genres creates a unique and captivating sound that sets Millennium Resorts apart from their contemporaries.

Influence of Shoegaze and Prog Rock

The influence of shoegaze and prog rock is evident in the composition of “Happiness.” The ambient programming and guitar riffs nod to the shoegaze sound, while the progressive rock elements add depth and complexity to the track. Millennium Resorts’ admiration for bands like Pink Floyd shines through, as they skillfully incorporate their inspirations into their own musical style.

Experimental Composition

Millennium Resorts’ commitment to experimentation is a notable aspect of “Happiness.” The track pushes boundaries and defies genre conventions, combining unconventional sounds and structures to create an avant-garde composition. This experimentation adds an exciting and unpredictable element to the music, keeping listeners engaged and intrigued throughout.

The Immersive Experience

“Happiness” offers an immersive and emotive experience for listeners. The combination of atmospheric synths, captivating guitar work, and intricate composition creates a sonic landscape that draws the audience in. As the track progresses, a mesmerizing guitar solo unfolds, captivating listeners and allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the music.

Radio Edit

Different Introduction and Music

The radio edit of “Happiness” presents a unique take on the track. While the essence of the song remains the same, the radio edit features a different introduction and musical arrangement. Whether it is the result of a different production approach or masterful editing, the radio edit offers a distinct experience that stands on its own.

Millennium Resorts’ Approach

Focus on the Experience

Millennium Resorts places a strong emphasis on providing a captivating and immersive experience for their listeners. They want their audience to be fully immersed in the world of sound they have created, allowing the music to transport them to a different realm. With their meticulous attention to detail and unique fusion of genres, Millennium Resorts strives to create an unforgettable musical journey.

Expectations for ‘In the Key of David’

The upcoming album, “In the Key of David,” is highly anticipated by fans of Millennium Resorts and enthusiasts of experimental music. Given the success of “Happiness” and the duo’s ability to combine different genres seamlessly, expectations for the album are high. It is anticipated that “In the Key of David” will offer an even headier and more immersive experience, further solidifying Millennium Resorts’ unique position in the music industry.


Streaming Platforms

Listeners can access Millennium Resorts’ music on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp. With the release of “Happiness” and the subsequent teaser track, fans can access a preview of the upcoming album on these platforms. The full album, “In the Key of David,” is set to be released on Spotify and Bandcamp in January.

Teaser Track and Full Album Release Dates

Millennium Resorts has adopted a strategic release plan for their album. Following the release of “Happiness,” fans can anticipate a teaser track coming in November. This will provide further insight into the immersive world of “In the Key of David.” The full album is scheduled for release on January 26, allowing fans to fully experience the concept and vision behind Millennium Resorts’ musical creation.

Spotify Embed

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