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Mix and match your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night with From Form’s flipbook

Get ready to experience the ultimate Amsterdam Museum Night like never before with From Form’s captivating flipbook campaign. Over 60 of the city’s most renowned museums have come together in this charming and unique project, showcasing the best of Amsterdam’s culture and art. The themed event titled DIT, DAT, DAAR invites visitors to create their own personalized museum experience, as they dash from one iconic establishment to another. From Form’s spiral-bound flipbook serves as the perfect companion, featuring digital photos of the city’s famous museums and exclusive peeks at hidden treasures. Paired with the delightful DIT, DAT, and DAAR stickers, the campaign offers a tactile and interactive experience both during the event and on Instagram stories. Don’t miss out on crafting your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night full of discovery, art, and unforgettable memories.

Mix and match your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night with From Forms flipbook

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Amsterdam Museum Night

About Museumnacht Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its rich cultural heritage, and one event that showcases the best of the city’s museums is Museumnacht Amsterdam, also known as Amsterdam Museum Night. This annual event, taking place on November 4th this year, allows visitors to explore over 60 museums in Amsterdam after dark. It’s a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and culture lovers to craft their own evening of museum-based merriment.

Theme of This Year’s Event

The theme for this year’s Amsterdam Museum Night is DIT, DAT, DAAR, which translates to This, That, There. This playful theme captures the excitement and anticipation of exploring different museums throughout the night. From the iconic Rijksmuseum to the renowned Van Gogh Museum, visitors can dash from one cultural hotspot to another, experiencing the diverse range of exhibits and artworks the city has to offer.

From Form’s Flipbook Campaign

From Form’s Creative Studio

From Form, an independent creative studio based in Rotterdam, has taken on the task of advertising and promoting Amsterdam Museum Night through their unique flipbook campaign. With their expertise in animation, photography, and design, From Form has brought together the participating museums in a charming and interactive flipbook.

Choice of Flipbook Design

Staying true to their love for analogue approach, From Form has chosen a spiral-bound flipbook as the centerpiece of their campaign. This design perfectly complements the mix-and-match nature of the event, allowing visitors to create their own personalized museum experience.

Creative Concept and Execution

From Form’s creative team has meticulously captured and curated digital photos of Amsterdam’s famous museums, along with exclusive snaps of items stored away in archives. The result is a visually stunning flipbook that showcases the best of Amsterdam’s cultural heritage. From Form has also created unique DIT, DAT, and DAAR stickers that add a tactile element to the campaign. Over 500 stickers have been produced, each with its own unique details and imperfections.

Mix and match your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night with From Forms flipbook

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The Flipbook

Description of the Flipbook

From Form’s flipbook is a physical representation of the diverse museums that can be explored during Amsterdam Museum Night. Each page displays a different museum, providing a glimpse into its exhibits and atmosphere. As visitors flip through the book, they can get a sense of the variety and richness of Amsterdam’s cultural scene.

Inclusion of Digital Photos and Exclusive Snaps

The flipbook features a mix of digital photos of well-known museums as well as exclusive snaps of hidden treasures from museum archives. This combination allows visitors to discover both the familiar and the lesser-known aspects of Amsterdam’s cultural heritage.

DIT, DAT, and DAAR Stickers

Description of the Stickers

The DIT, DAT, and DAAR stickers created by From Form are both visually appealing and tactile. Each sticker is unique, with over 500 variations that feature their own distinctive details and imperfections. These stickers not only add a tangible element to the flipbook, but they also serve as a memento of the event.

Tactile Feel and Unique Details

The stickers are designed to be touched and felt, adding a tactile experience to the Museum Night campaign. The unique details and imperfections of each sticker make them feel special and one-of-a-kind.

Use as Instagram Filters

In addition to their physical presence, the DIT, DAT, and DAAR stickers can also be used as filters on Instagram. This allows visitors to seamlessly incorporate the stickers into their Instagram stories, adding a touch of creativity and individuality to their Museum Night experience.

Mix and match your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night with From Forms flipbook

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Soundtrack by Beau Zwart

Custom Soundtrack Creation

To enhance the atmosphere of Amsterdam Museum Night, From Form has collaborated with Dutch electronic music producer Beau Zwart to create a custom soundtrack. This soundtrack incorporates voice samples of people saying DIT, DAT, and DAAR, blending them together to create unique harmonies that capture the spirit of the event.

Use of Voice Samples to Create Harmonies

The use of voice samples in the soundtrack adds an element of playfulness and rhythm to the Museum Night experience. By combining different samples, Beau Zwart creates harmonies that are both unique and engaging, setting the tone for a memorable museum exploration.

Exploring Amsterdam’s Museums

Capture of Close-ups and Details

As part of their creative process, the From Form team explored Amsterdam’s museums, capturing close-ups and details of art, interiors, and facades. These fragments and flashes of museums, people, and art are brought together to create rich and rhythmic collages that add depth and intrigue to the flipbook campaign.

Creation of Rich and Rhythmic Collages

From Form’s collages are a visual representation of Amsterdam’s vibrant cultural scene. By combining different elements from various museums, the collages showcase the diversity and beauty of the city’s art and heritage.

Mix and match your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night with From Forms flipbook

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Tone of Voice and Approach

Optimistic and Upbeat Tone

From Form has chosen an optimistic and upbeat tone for their Museum Night campaign. Their goal is to create a sense of excitement and anticipation, encouraging visitors to embark on their own unique museum adventure. The tone reflects the joyful atmosphere of the event and sets the stage for a memorable experience.

Emphasis on Analogue Approach

From Form’s campaign embraces the analogue approach, incorporating physical flipbooks and tactile stickers into the Museum Night experience. By focusing on the tangible and the tactile, they aim to create a sense of nostalgia and depth that complements the exploration of Amsterdam’s museums.

Visual Convincing and Individual Experience

From Form’s approach to the Museum Night campaign is visually convincing, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Amsterdam’s museums. The flipbook, stickers, collages, and soundtrack all work together to create a compelling and individual experience that captures the essence of the event.


From Form’s flipbook campaign is a creative and engaging way to promote Amsterdam Museum Night. Their use of physical materials, unique design elements, and captivating visuals come together to showcase the best of Amsterdam’s museums. By offering visitors the opportunity to craft their own museum experience, From Form has made Museum Night an event that is truly individual and memorable. So grab your flipbook, stick on a DIT, DAT, or DAAR sticker, and embark on a night of cultural exploration in the enchanting city of Amsterdam.

Mix and match your perfect Amsterdam Museum Night with From Forms flipbook

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