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Meet the on-air lineup for Prime Video’s ‘Thursday Night Football,’ from Charissa Thompson to Richard Sherman

Get ready for an all-star lineup as Prime Video’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ brings you the best in sports commentary for the 2022 season. With Al Michaels taking the lead as the play-by-play announcer, Kirk Herbstreit analyzing the game, and Kaylee Hartung reporting from the sidelines, you won’t miss a beat. And that’s not all – Charissa Thompson will be the host of the wraparound programming, with a team of talented analysts including Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Andrew Whitworth. With Taylor Rooks as the feature reporter and Michael Smith as the news analyst, this crew is ready to bring you the latest and greatest in football coverage. Plus, Terry McAulay will break down the rules, and Mark Teitelman and Pierre Moossa will ensure top-notch production. Exciting insights from Sam Schwartzstein, and even TNF en Español coverage from Miguel Gurwitz and Rolando Cantu, complete this stellar lineup. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience Thursday night football like never before.

Prime Video’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ Lineup for 2022

Prime Video has announced its exciting lineup of talent for the upcoming 2022 season of ‘Thursday Night Football’. With a star-studded roster of broadcasters, analysts, reporters, and producers, Prime Video is set to bring fans a top-notch viewing experience. Let’s take a closer look at the experts who will be providing game coverage, analysis, and behind-the-scenes insights throughout the season.

Meet the on-air lineup for Prime Videos Thursday Night Football, from Charissa Thompson to Richard Sherman

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Play-by-Play Announcer: Al Michaels

Leading the charge in the broadcast booth as the play-by-play announcer will be the legendary Al Michaels. With his iconic voice and wealth of experience, Michaels has firmly established himself as one of the greatest broadcasters in sports history. Fans can expect thrilling and insightful commentary from Michaels as he guides viewers through each game with his trademark style and expertise.

Game Analyst: Kirk Herbstreit

Joining Michaels in the booth as the game analyst is Kirk Herbstreit. Hailing from a successful career as a quarterback at Ohio State University, Herbstreit brings a unique perspective to the analysis. His deep knowledge of the game and ability to break down plays and strategies will offer viewers valuable insights into the action unfolding on the field.

Meet the on-air lineup for Prime Videos Thursday Night Football, from Charissa Thompson to Richard Sherman

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Sideline Reporter: Kaylee Hartung

Bringing viewers closer to the action on the sidelines will be Kaylee Hartung. As the sideline reporter, Hartung will provide live updates, interviews, and injury reports, ensuring that fans never miss a beat. With her remarkable communication skills and in-depth understanding of the game, Hartung will bring viewers exclusive access to the players and coaches, enhancing the viewing experience.

Host: Charissa Thompson

Guiding viewers through the pre-game and post-game shows will be the talented Charissa Thompson. As the host for the wraparound programming, Thompson will provide insightful analysis, engaging discussions, and interviews with special guests. Her charismatic presence and extensive knowledge of football make her the perfect anchor for the Prime Video’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ coverage.

Meet the on-air lineup for Prime Videos Thursday Night Football, from Charissa Thompson to Richard Sherman

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Additional Analysts: Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Whitworth

Joining Michaels, Herbstreit, and Hartung will be a team of distinguished analysts. Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Andrew Whitworth will provide their expert opinions and breakdowns of the game. With a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, these analysts will offer viewers unique insights and engaging discussions, further enriching the viewing experience.

Feature Reporter: Taylor Rooks

Bringing compelling stories and in-depth features to the viewers will be Taylor Rooks. As the feature reporter, Rooks will delve into the personal and professional lives of players, coaches, and other figures within the football world. Her engaging storytelling and ability to connect with subjects will provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the game and its impact on individuals.

Meet the on-air lineup for Prime Videos Thursday Night Football, from Charissa Thompson to Richard Sherman

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News Analyst: Michael Smith

Providing up-to-date news and analysis will be Michael Smith. As the news analyst, Smith will keep viewers informed about all the latest developments and storylines surrounding ‘Thursday Night Football’. With his extensive knowledge of the sport and keen insights into the industry, Smith will ensure that viewers stay ahead of the game with insider information and expert analysis.

Rules Analyst: Terry McAulay

Navigating the complex rules and officiating decisions will be Terry McAulay. As the rules analyst, McAulay will provide explanations and insights into controversial calls and game-changing moments. With his years of experience as an NFL referee, McAulay’s expertise will shed light on the intricacies of the game, helping viewers develop a deeper understanding of the sport they love.

Meet the on-air lineup for Prime Videos Thursday Night Football, from Charissa Thompson to Richard Sherman

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Lead Game Producer: Mark Teitelman

Overseeing the production of each game will be Mark Teitelman, the lead game producer. Teitelman’s expertise and attention to detail will ensure that the broadcast runs smoothly, capturing all the key moments and delivering a seamless viewing experience to fans. With his wealth of experience in sports production, Teitelman will work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the excitement of ‘Thursday Night Football’ to life.

Game Director: Pierre Moossa

Supporting Teitelman in the production team will be game director Pierre Moossa. Moossa’s creative vision and technical expertise will shape the visual presentation of each game, capturing the intensity, emotion, and excitement on the field. With his skilled direction, Moossa will bring viewers an immersive and dynamic viewing experience that showcases the best of ‘Thursday Night Football’.

Analytics Insights: Sam Schwartzstein

Bringing a data-driven perspective to the broadcast will be analytics insights provided by Sam Schwartzstein. With his expertise in sports analytics, Schwartzstein will provide viewers with statistical insights and trends that deepen their understanding of the game. Utilizing advanced metrics, Schwartzstein’s analysis will offer a unique and informative perspective on player and team performances.

TNF en Español Announcers: Miguel Gurwitz, Rolando Cantu

Catering to Spanish-speaking viewers, Prime Video will have Miguel Gurwitz and Rolando Cantu as the play-by-play announcer and analyst for the Spanish broadcast of ‘Thursday Night Football’. Gurwitz and Cantu’s dynamic commentary and expert analysis will ensure that Spanish-speaking fans feel immersed in the game, providing a truly inclusive viewing experience.

With this star-studded lineup of broadcasters, analysts, reporters, and producers, Prime Video’s coverage of ‘Thursday Night Football’ is set to be a must-watch for football fans in 2022. From Al Michaels’ captivating play-by-play commentary to Kirk Herbstreit’s insightful analysis, viewers can expect a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience. Whether you’re watching the broadcast in English or Spanish, Prime Video’s lineup promises to deliver the excitement, drama, and passion of ‘Thursday Night Football’ straight to your screens.

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