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Kagurabachi Is Big, But Not as Big as the Internet Wants You to Think

Have you heard about the latest manga sensation, Kagurabachi? Shonen Jump’s highly anticipated new series by Takeru Hokazono has already made a splash with its first chapter. But what’s even more fascinating is the unexpected internet fame it has gained. Kagurabachi has taken on a life of its own as an ironic meme, with fans proclaiming it to be the next big thing in manga. While the manga itself shows promise with its captivating story and stunning artwork, it’s the online world that has truly embraced the series, creating a faux-franchise universe and generating wild speculation. Despite the hype, only time will tell if Kagurabachi lives up to its meme status, but there’s no denying the buzz and curiosity surrounding it.

Kagurabachi Is Big, But Not as Big as the Internet Wants You to Think

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Background Information

About Kagurabachi

Kagurabachi is a highly anticipated manga series by Takeru Hokazono that was recently launched by Shonen Jump as part of its “Jump Nextwave” initiative. The series follows the story of Chihiro, a young apprentice swordsmith seeking justice and revenge against the Korogumi, a Yakuza family with ties to a mysterious sorcerer.

Shonen Jump’s new series

Shonen Jump, a legendary manga magazine, has selected Kagurabachi as one of its main manga serials as part of its “Jump Nextwave” initiative. This initiative aims to showcase winners of the magazine’s Tezuka Award and give them the opportunity to headline the latest wave of main manga series.

Kagurabachi as an internet meme

Despite its recent release, Kagurabachi has gained significant attention and popularity online as an internet meme. This phenomenon, known as “Kagurabachi glazing,” involves ironic meme campaigns that hype up the manga as the best thing since sliced bread. This internet meme culture surrounding Kagurabachi has fueled its buzz in online anime circles.

Overview of Kagurabachi

Introduction to the manga

Kagurabachi is a contemporary Yakuza/Fantasy swordsman series that follows the journey of Chihiro, the apprentice of a legendary swordsmith. The manga combines elements of action, adventure, and supernatural themes to create an engaging and entertaining story.

Plot summary

The story centers around Chihiro, who finds himself wielding one of his father’s magical katana in his quest for justice and revenge against the Korogumi, a notorious Yakuza family. As he delves deeper into the world of the Yakuza and encounters a mysterious sorcerer, Chihiro’s path becomes intertwined with supernatural forces.

Genre and art style

Kagurabachi falls under the genre of battle shonen, characterized by intense action, adventure, and often supernatural elements. The manga features a clean and stylized art style that effectively portrays the over-the-top swordplay and action sequences. Takeru Hokazono’s crisp artwork shows promise for the series as it explores its more supernatural aspects.

Kagurabachi Is Big, But Not as Big as the Internet Wants You to Think

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The Buzz and Ranking

Popularity on publisher Shuiesha’s MangaPlus site

Since its release, Kagurabachi has gained significant popularity and buzz, propelling it to the top ranks on publisher Shuiesha’s MangaPlus site. It has surpassed established hits such as Spy x Family, Dragon Ball Super, and Boruto, currently ranking seventh as of writing.

Comparison to other popular manga

Despite being a new series, Kagurabachi has garnered attention and comparison to other popular manga such as One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. This comparison highlights the potential impact and popularity of Kagurabachi in the manga community.

Current ranking

Kagurabachi’s current ranking on Shuiesha’s MangaPlus site reflects its growing popularity and positive reception among readers. As the manga continues to release chapters, it will be interesting to see how it maintains its ranking and competition against other established series.

Kagurabachi Glazing

Explanation of the meme campaign

The “Kagurabachi glazing” meme campaign has contributed to the manga’s viral success online. This ironic campaign hypes up Kagurabachi as one of the “Big Three” manga series, alongside One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. It involves fans proclaiming Chihiro as the greatest manga protagonist and declaring the manga as a worthy successor to these iconic series.

Mocking the manga as the “Big Three”

The meme campaign satirically exaggerates Kagurabachi’s significance by comparing it to the renowned “Big Three” manga series. This playful mockery adds a layer of humor to the online discussions surrounding the manga, further contributing to its viral success and popularity.

Protagonist hype and viral success

The meme campaign’s focus on Chihiro as a standout protagonist has generated significant hype and interest online. Fans have embraced the character and his role in the story, fueling discussions and generating viral content based on the manga.

Kagurabachi Is Big, But Not as Big as the Internet Wants You to Think

Faux-Franchise Universe

Creation of a fictional universe for Kagurabachi

The internet meme culture surrounding Kagurabachi has expanded beyond ironic hype. Fans have created a fictional universe for the series, mocking up fake video game adaptations and imagining moments from the story that don’t even exist yet. This imaginative universe adds to the overall enjoyment and engagement with the manga.

Fake video game adaptations

Fans have taken their love for Kagurabachi to a new level by designing mock covers for video game adaptations. These creative fan-made designs showcase the enthusiasm and passion surrounding the manga, further contributing to its growing presence online.

Imagining an anime adaptation

The meme culture has also sparked discussions and speculation about a potential anime adaptation of Kagurabachi. Fans have created fake screenshots and imagined scenes from an anime adaptation, showcasing their excitement and anticipation for the series to come to life on the screen.

The Actual Manga vs. the Memes

Comparison between the manga and the memes

While Kagurabachi’s actual manga content showcases a strong start with its engaging plot and stylish artwork, the memes surrounding the series take on a wild and silly tone. The memes often exaggerate and parody certain aspects of the manga, creating a lighthearted and humorous interpretation of the story.

Wild and silly meme culture surrounding Kagurabachi

The meme culture surrounding Kagurabachi reflects the vibrant and enthusiastic online anime community. Fans of the manga have embraced the silliness and absurdity of the memes, viewing them as a playful way to celebrate and engage with the series.

Implications for the manga’s reception

While the meme culture significantly contributes to Kagurabachi’s buzz and popularity online, it’s important to distinguish between the memes and the actual manga content. While the memes may generate initial interest, it is ultimately the compelling story, well-executed art style, and character development that will determine the manga’s long-term reception and success.

Kagurabachi Is Big, But Not as Big as the Internet Wants You to Think

Future of Kagurabachi

Speculation on the manga’s future success

With its initial success and growing popularity, there is speculation on how Kagurabachi will fare in the future. The strong start and positive reception indicate the potential for the manga to become a beloved series among readers, but only time will tell if it can sustain this momentum.

Evaluating the buzz and inflated expectations

The buzz and inflated expectations surrounding Kagurabachi pose both opportunities and challenges for the manga’s future. While the attention and viral success can help attract new readers, it also creates high expectations that the manga must meet to maintain its popularity.

Interest in the actual story

Despite the meme culture surrounding Kagurabachi, there is genuine interest in the story itself. Readers are eager to delve deeper into Chihiro’s journey, explore the supernatural elements, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Korogumi. This genuine curiosity bodes well for the manga’s future and suggests that there is substance beyond the memes.

Read Kagurabachi

Access to Kagurabachi’s first chapter

Readers can access Kagurabachi’s first chapter for free through the Shonen Jump Weekly app. This allows fans and newcomers to immerse themselves in the manga’s world and experience the beginning of Chihiro’s thrilling adventure.

Digital availability through the Shonen Jump app

The digital availability of Kagurabachi through the Shonen Jump app ensures easy access for readers worldwide. Whether on smartphones, tablets, or computers, fans can read the manga and stay up to date with the latest chapters conveniently.

Other platforms to read the manga

In addition to the Shonen Jump app, Kagurabachi is also available to read online at Viz Media. This multi-platform accessibility allows readers to choose their preferred method of reading and enjoy the manga at their convenience.

In conclusion, Kagurabachi has quickly gained attention both as a compelling manga series and as a viral internet meme. Its strong start, unique storyline, and engaging artwork have contributed to its growing popularity among readers. While the meme culture surrounding the series adds an element of humor and silliness, it’s important to separate the memes from the actual content of the manga. As Kagurabachi continues its journey, it will be intriguing to see how it lives up to the buzz, maintains its ranking, and captivates readers with its actual story.