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James Wan Downplays Aquaman 2 Reshoot Rumors, Explains Batman Scenes

In an interview with Empire Magazine, director James Wan addresses the recent rumors surrounding the production of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” and downplays the idea of extensive reshoots. While acknowledging that reshoots are a normal part of blockbuster filmmaking, Wan clarifies that the number of reshoot days for the movie has been blown out of proportion. He explains that scheduling conflicts and the availability of the actors were the main reasons for the reshoots, rather than any significant issues with the film itself. Wan also mentions shooting Batman scenes for potential time continuity explanations. As fans eagerly await the release of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” set for December 2023, it remains to be seen which Batman, if any, will make an appearance in the film.

James Wan Downplays Aquaman 2 Reshoot Rumors, Explains Batman Scenes

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James Wan Downplays Aquaman 2 Reshoot Rumors

Interview with Empire Magazine

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, director James Wan addressed the rumors surrounding the reshoots for Aquaman 2. He stated that some of these rumors have been blown out of proportion and do not reflect the reality of the production process. Wan, known for his work on films like Saw and Insidious, directed the first Aquaman movie in 2018 and is also directing the upcoming sequel. He expressed his willingness to make a third film if given the opportunity.

Director denies rumors

Wan, who is known for being a private person and not engaging in social media feuds, expressed his frustration with the narrative that has emerged regarding the making of Aquaman 2. He emphasized that the rumors circulating about the production are not accurate and do not align with the reality of the situation. Wan’s comments suggest that there has been some misinformation or exaggeration surrounding the reshoots for the film.

Reshoots are common in blockbusters

Wan highlighted that reshoots are a common occurrence in the world of blockbuster films. He explained that they can be a valuable tool for improving the final product. Wan cited his own experiences with reshoots on The Conjuring 2, which led to the creation of The Nun franchise. He emphasized that interesting and important elements can arise from reshoots, and they are not necessarily indicative of any issues with the production.

Limited number of reshoot days

Contrary to some reports, Wan clarified that the number of reshoot days for Aquaman 2 was relatively limited. He mentioned that they only had around seven or eight days of reshoots, which he deemed as a small number for a film of this magnitude. He explained that scheduling conflicts and the availability of the actors played a role in spreading out the reshoot schedule. Since production initially wrapped in December 2021, the cast members have been involved in various other projects, making it difficult to bring everyone back together for additional filming.

Importance of reshoots

Wan emphasized the importance of reshoots in the filmmaking process. He noted that they can be a valuable tool for fine-tuning the story, addressing any issues that may have arisen during initial shooting, and ensuring that the final product meets the director’s vision. While reshoots can sometimes indicate challenges during production, they are also an opportunity to further refine and enhance the film.

James Wan Explains Batman Scenes

Purpose of Batman scenes

Wan shed some light on the inclusion of Batman scenes in Aquaman 2. He revealed that the scenes were primarily intended to establish time continuity within the DC Universe. By including Batman in the film, Wan aimed to provide a narrative link between the events of other DC movies. While the specific details of these scenes have not been disclosed, it seems that they will serve a larger narrative purpose rather than being central to the plot of Aquaman 2.

Revealing time continuity

Wan’s decision to include Batman scenes in Aquaman 2 was driven by the desire to maintain a sense of time continuity within the broader DC Universe. By showcasing Batman’s presence in the film, Wan aims to establish connections between Aquaman 2 and other DC movies. This strategic decision allows for a more cohesive and interconnected storytelling experience for audiences.

Shooting Batman scenes

While Wan acknowledged that Batman scenes were filmed for Aquaman 2, he clarified that they were primarily intended as a backup plan in case there was a need to explain time continuity in case Aquaman 2 was released before other DC movies. However, the release schedule ultimately changed, with “Lost Kingdom” coming after “The Flash.” Therefore, the exact role and significance of the Batman scenes in Aquaman 2 will be revealed when the movie hits theaters.

Order of release

Wan’s explanation regarding the order of release for Aquaman 2 and The Flash provides insights into the decision-making process behind the inclusion of Batman scenes. The director’s intention to establish time continuity suggests a deliberate effort to create a cohesive narrative arc within the broader DC Universe. By aligning the release of Aquaman 2 with The Flash, Wan aims to ensure a smooth and coherent storytelling experience for audiences.

Background on the DC Universe

Uncertain future of the DC Universe

The DC Universe has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years, leading to uncertainty regarding its future. Despite efforts by new heads of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran, to unveil a detailed game plan for the future, tickets for DC movies have not been selling as well as expected. This has created a sense of instability and caution within the industry, with fans and critics closely monitoring the performance of each new release.

DC movies struggling at the box office

The box office performance of recent DC movies, such as Shazam: Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle, has been less than stellar. These underwhelming numbers have raised concerns about the viability and commercial success of the DC franchise. The financial performance of these films has put additional pressure on upcoming releases, such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, to deliver strong box office results and revitalize the DC brand.

Behind-the-scenes production issues

Behind-the-scenes issues have further contributed to the uncertainty surrounding the DC Universe. Reports of troubled productions and reshoots for various DC films have generated negative press and skepticism among fans and industry insiders. The perception of production instability can impact audience expectations and may influence their decision to watch DC movies. Overcoming these challenges requires careful planning, effective communication, and the delivery of high-quality content.

Aquaman 2 as the studio’s last hope

The stakes are high for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as it has become the studio’s last hope for a box office success this year. The film’s performance will not only determine the financial viability of the Aquaman franchise but also have broader implications for the future of the DC Universe. The success or failure of Aquaman 2 will serve as a litmus test for the overall health and commercial potential of the DC brand moving forward.

Details of Aquaman 2 Production

Messy production process

According to reports, the production process for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been somewhat messy. The Hollywood Reporter detailed the film’s journey, revealing that it has undergone three rounds of reshoots. This suggests that the filmmakers encountered challenges or desired additional changes to the original footage. While the specifics of these reshoots have not been disclosed, the very existence of multiple rounds of reshoots can contribute to the perception of production issues.

Three rounds of reshoots

The revelation of three rounds of reshoots for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom implies that the filmmakers were committed to refining and perfecting the movie’s final version. Each round of reshoots presents an opportunity to address any issues, enhance specific scenes, or incorporate new ideas. The decision to embark on multiple rounds of reshoots suggests a dedication to delivering the best possible film to audiences, even if it may have added complexity to the production process.

Switching out Batman actors

One of the intriguing rumors surrounding the production of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was the potential switch of Batman actors. Wan did not confirm or deny this rumor but acknowledged that the public is often unaware of the truth. Reports had initially suggested that Michael Keaton, known for his role as Batman in the 1989 film, might appear in Aquaman 2. However, subsequent reports hinted that this was no longer the case. The ambiguity surrounding the role of Batman adds an air of mystery and excitement to the film.

Rumors vs. reality

Wan’s comments during the interview with Empire Magazine indicate that some of the rumors surrounding the production of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom may not accurately reflect reality. It is important to approach rumors with caution and verify information through official sources. While rumors can generate speculation and excitement, it is essential to separate fact from fiction and await confirmed details from the cast and crew or official announcements.

James Wan’s Perspective on Reshoots

Reshoot conversations blown out of proportion

Wan expressed his belief that the conversations and rumors surrounding reshoots for Aquaman 2 have been blown out of proportion. He stressed that reshoots are a standard part of the filmmaking process, particularly for blockbusters of this scale. Wan’s comments highlight the need to contextualize reshoots within the broader production journey and not jump to negative conclusions based on hearsay or limited information.

Comparisons to other movies with reshoots

Wan drew attention to the fact that other successful movies have emerged from reshoots, illustrating that they are not necessarily indicative of trouble or flaws in the production. He referenced his own experience with The Conjuring 2, noting that the franchise was born out of reshoots. Wan’s perspective provides a valuable counterpoint to the prevailing narrative around reshoots and highlights the potential for positive outcomes resulting from additional filming.

Challenges of scheduling superstars

Wan shed light on the logistical challenges of scheduling reshoots for a film that features an ensemble cast of high-profile actors. Coordinating the availability of stars like Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman can be a complex undertaking, given their involvement in other projects. These scheduling constraints necessitated spreading out the reshoots to accommodate the actors’ busy schedules, adding an additional layer of complexity to Aquaman 2’s production process.

The importance of spread out reshoots

Wan’s decision to spread out the reshoots for Aquaman 2 was driven by practical considerations arising from the availability of the cast. By allowing more time between reshoot days, the production team could work around the actors’ other commitments and ensure their participation in key scenes. This approach emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the face of logistical challenges, ultimately enhancing the quality of the final product.

Creative Control and Collaboration

Wan’s approach to filmmaking

Wan discussed his approach to filmmaking, highlighting the balance between creative control and collaboration. He emphasized the importance of being open to different ideas and perspectives while maintaining a strong vision for the project. Wan’s willingness to welcome input from others while asserting his artistic choices and preferences reflects a healthy creative process that values collaboration and the pursuit of excellence.

Proving himself as a filmmaker

Wan’s extensive experience and track record in the horror genre, with successful franchises like Saw and Insidious, have solidified his ability to craft compelling and visually striking films. He has demonstrated his skills as a director and storyteller, earning the trust and confidence of studios and audiences alike. Wan’s track record serves as proof of his expertise and lends credibility to his decisions regarding Aquaman 2.

Welcome to collaboration

While emphasizing the importance of creative control, Wan also highlighted the value of collaboration in the filmmaking process. He acknowledged that filmmaking is a collaborative effort, requiring input from various individuals with unique perspectives and expertise. Wan’s willingness to collaborate and consider different viewpoints ensures a well-rounded and dynamic final product, enriching the creative process and resulting in a more engaging cinematic experience.

Organic art

Wan shared his belief in the importance of allowing art to evolve organically. He cautioned against being too rigid or locked into predefined plans and emphasized the necessity of remaining open to new possibilities during the creative process. Wan’s approach fosters an environment that encourages innovation and fluidity, enabling the creation of dynamic and engaging films that resonate with audiences.

Questions About Aquaman 2

Which Batman will be in the movie?

Speculation surrounding the inclusion of Batman in Aquaman 2 has generated significant buzz among fans. Reports initially suggested that Michael Keaton, who portrayed Batman in the 1989 film, might make an appearance. However, subsequent reports indicated that this was no longer the case. Additionally, Jason Momoa’s social media posts with Ben Affleck on the Warner Bros. lot fueled speculation about Affleck’s potential involvement. Despite these rumors, Wan did not provide direct confirmation, leaving the question of which Batman will be in the movie unanswered.

Speculation about Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck

The speculation surrounding the involvement of both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck in Aquaman 2 has piqued the curiosity of fans. Keaton’s iconic portrayal of Batman in the 1989 film has cemented his status as a beloved character in the Batman franchise. Meanwhile, Affleck’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader in previous DC films has also garnered a significant following. The potential inclusion of either actor in Aquaman 2 adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the film.

Wan’s response to rumors

Wan acknowledged the buzz and speculation surrounding the cast of Aquaman 2, particularly regarding the role of Batman. However, he asserted that the public does not know the truth and cautioned against relying on rumors. Wan’s response suggests that there may be surprises in store for audiences when it comes to the film’s cast and potential appearances by Batman.

Reveal of Batman scenes

While Wan confirmed the existence of Batman scenes in Aquaman 2, he did not provide specific details about their content or significance. He mentioned that the scenes were primarily intended to address time continuity within the broader DC Universe. By including Batman, Wan aimed to establish connections with other DC movies and ensure a coherent narrative experience. The exact nature of these Batman scenes and their impact on Aquaman 2’s story will remain a mystery until the movie’s release.

Release of Aquaman 2

Unknown details until the movie’s release

Much about Aquaman 2 remains unknown to the public, including specific plot details, character arcs, and the degree of Batman’s involvement. The production has maintained a level of secrecy to preserve the element of surprise for audiences. This approach allows for a more immersive and exciting viewing experience, as viewers will discover the full extent of the film’s story and surprises when it finally hits theaters.

Expectations for the movie

Given the importance of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as the studio’s last hope for a successful box office performance, expectations are undoubtedly high. The film’s financial and critical reception will have a significant impact on the perception of the DC Universe and its future. Fans and industry observers will closely monitor Aquaman 2’s performance, anticipating a compelling and visually stunning film that showcases the best of the superhero genre.

Answering the Batman question

One of the most anticipated aspects of Aquaman 2 is the resolution of the Batman question. While rumors and speculation have fueled discussions about which Batman will appear in the film, Wan’s comments suggest that the truth remains unknown. Audiences will have to wait until the movie’s release to find out the extent of Batman’s involvement and which actor will ultimately portray the iconic character.

Theater release date

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to be released in theaters on December 20, 2023. The film’s release date will mark the culmination of months of anticipation and speculation. As the studio’s last hope for a successful box office performance, Aquaman 2 will determine the trajectory of the DC Universe and its future endeavors. The film’s release represents a pivotal moment for DC fans and the superhero genre as a whole.


Awaiting further information

As fans eagerly await further information about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the rumors, speculations, and uncertainties surrounding the film continue to generate interest and intrigue. Director James Wan’s downplaying of the reshoot rumors and explanations regarding the inclusion of Batman have shed light on certain aspects of the film. However, many questions remain unanswered, including the exact role of Batman and the plot details of Aquaman 2.

Importance of watching the movie

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom holds significant importance for both fans and the DC Universe as a whole. The film represents a crucial opportunity to revitalize the franchise and generate renewed excitement among audiences. By watching the movie, fans can support the film’s success and contribute to the continued growth and evolution of the DC Universe.

Resolving the Batman question

One of the most pressing questions surrounding Aquaman 2 is the resolution of the Batman question. With rumors and speculation swirling, audiences are eager to discover which Batman will make an appearance and how the character will fit into the film’s narrative. The resolution of this question will provide closure and further enhance the viewing experience when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom finally hits theaters.