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Irish woman sacked for Israel ‘terrorist state’ post

In a recent news article, an Irish woman named Courtney Carey was sacked from her job at Israeli tech company Wix after posting on social media that Israel is a “terrorist state.” The Taoiseach (Irish prime minister), Leo Varadkar, has expressed his support for Carey, encouraging her to seek legal advice if her dismissal was related to her political views. Wix’s president, Nir Zohar, insisted that the company does not limit anyone’s political views but stated that Carey had previously posted inflammatory comments and was warned about it. The issue has been raised in the Irish parliament, with politicians expressing concern about the chilling effect this could have on workers’ freedom of speech.

Irish woman sacked for Israel terrorist state post

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Taoiseach encourages sacked Irish woman to seek legal advice

Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Leo Varadkar encourages an Irish woman who was sacked from her job at Wix over a social media post on the Israel-Gaza war to seek legal advice. Courtney Carey, an employee at Wix’s Dublin office, was dismissed after branding Israel “a terrorist state” on social media. Wix’s president, Nir Zohar, stated that the company is open and liberal but had decided to part ways with Ms. Carey after she made inflammatory comments. The issue was raised in the Dáil (Irish parliament), where Varadkar highlighted that dismissing someone based on their political views is not allowed under Irish employment law. He encouraged Ms. Carey to seek advice from the Workplace Relations Commission, a trade union, or a solicitor.

Wix creates employee group chat to support Israel’s narrative

It has been reported that Wix has created an employee group chat on the Slack messaging app to support Israel’s narrative on the Israel-Gaza war. The chat is part of a company initiative to create videos and creative campaigns that aim to make an impact on the global perception of the conflict. Wix, a web development platform, employs around 500 people in its Dublin office.

Irish woman sacked for Israel terrorist state post

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Sacked employee case raised in the Dáil

Mick Barry TD raised the case of Courtney Carey’s dismissal in the Dáil and called on the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to address the issue. He expressed concern about the chilling effect that firing an employee for expressing a political point of view could have on workers in Ireland. Richard Boyd Barrett, a member of the People Before Profit party, also found the case disturbing. The dismissal of Ms. Carey for her political views raises questions about freedom of expression and the right to hold individual viewpoints.

Tánaiste decries firing for individual viewpoint

Micheál Martin, the Tánaiste (deputy prime minister), stated that it is unacceptable for someone to be fired solely because of their individual viewpoint. He emphasized that Ireland is a democracy where freedom of speech and opinion are respected. Different opinions exist on issues such as the Israel-Gaza war, and individuals should be able to express their views without fear of losing their jobs. Martin’s comments echo the sentiment that employees should not face repercussions for their personal beliefs.

Irish woman sacked for Israel terrorist state post

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Diplomatic tensions between Ireland and Israel

Diplomatic tensions have arisen between Ireland and Israel in the context of the Israel-Gaza war. Irish President Michael D. Higgins accused Israel of breaking international law in its response to attacks and kidnappings by the Palestinian group Hamas. Israel’s ambassador to Ireland, Dana Erlich, criticized Higgins, labeling him misinformed. Erlich also questioned Ireland’s neutrality on the war and expressed concerns about an unconscious bias against Israel in Ireland. The Israeli embassy in Dublin further claimed in a deleted social media post that Ireland was funding Hamas. These tensions highlight the differing perspectives and opinions surrounding the conflict.

More on the Israel-Gaza war

The article provides live updates on the Israel-Gaza conflict, offering readers the latest information and developments. It explains the background and history of the conflict, helping to contextualize the current events. The criticism of Ireland’s president by Israel and concerns about Ireland’s neutrality are explored in more detail. The article also touches on the issue of hostages taken by Hamas and the strain on Gaza hospitals due to the ongoing violence.

Irish woman sacked for Israel terrorist state post

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Other news

The article briefly mentions other news stories unrelated to the Israel-Gaza war. It mentions that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel is preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza, highlighting the escalating tensions in the region. The article also mentions fireworks during the trial of Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, as well as the election of a new House Speaker by Republicans.

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Irish woman sacked for Israel terrorist state post

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