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Interview with Robert Brighton, Author of The Buffalo Butcher

In this captivating interview, we get the chance to hear from Robert Brighton, the talented author behind the thrilling new book, “The Buffalo Butcher: Jack the Ripper in the Electric City”. Brighton shares the inspiration behind his novel, expressing his desire to tell the story from the victims’ perspective and explore themes of friendship, love, and reclaiming one’s humanity. As we delve into the interview, Brighton reveals his favorite genre to read and write, his quirky writing habits, and even shares his motto that he lives by. It’s an insightful and engaging conversation that offers readers a glimpse into the mind of this talented author.

Interview with Robert Brighton, Author of The Buffalo Butcher

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Biography of Robert Brighton

Robert Brighton is a talented author known for his captivating storytelling and ability to transport readers to different moments in history. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Brighton developed a deep appreciation for the city’s rich history, which often serves as the backdrop for his novels. With a background in social history and a passion for writing, Brighton combines his love for research and storytelling to create immersive historical fiction that brings the past to life.

Introduction to The Buffalo Butcher

Brighton’s latest novel, “The Buffalo Butcher,” delves into the dark and haunting world of Jack the Ripper, but with a unique twist. Rather than focusing on the infamous serial killer himself, Brighton takes a different approach by exploring the lives of the victims. The novel follows five exploited women who band together to catch the killer and reclaim their humanity. It is a gripping tale that sheds light on the resilience, strength, and spirit of these forgotten women.


Motivation for Writing The Buffalo Butcher

The inspiration behind “The Buffalo Butcher” came from Brighton’s frustration with the “hero worshipful” tone of many Jack the Ripper books. He wanted to shift the perspective and give a voice to the victims who often go unnoticed in the narrative. Brighton’s motivation was to create a story that not only delves into the horrors of the crimes but also explores the humanity and inner strength of those affected.

Focusing on the Victims’ Perspective

By focusing on the victims’ perspective, Brighton aims to challenge the traditional narrative surrounding Jack the Ripper and shed light on the lives of these marginalized women. Through careful research and attention to historical detail, he brings their stories to life and honors their memory.

Interview with Robert Brighton, Author of The Buffalo Butcher

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Character Theme Songs

Helen Crosby’s Theme Song: Angel of the Morning

Helen Crosby, one of the main characters in “The Buffalo Butcher,” is given the theme song “Angel of the Morning.” This song captures Helen’s struggle and resilience as she navigates the hardships of her life and finds a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.

George Grand’s Theme Song: Death on Two Legs (Queen)

George Grand, another key character in the novel, is represented by the theme song “Death on Two Legs” by Queen. This song perfectly encapsulates George’s complex and sinister nature as a key suspect in the Buffalo Butcher case.

Reading Preferences

Favorite Genre to Read: Social History

Brighton’s love for social history is evident in his writing, and it comes as no surprise that it is also his favorite genre to read. He finds that understanding historical attitudes and social behavior is crucial for crafting authentic and immersive historical fiction.

Favorite Genre to Write: Immersive Historical Fiction

As an author, Brighton is passionate about writing immersive historical fiction. He aims to recreate the world of the past, allowing readers to step into a different time and place. By blending historical accuracy with compelling storytelling, Brighton creates a captivating experience for his readers.

Interview with Robert Brighton, Author of The Buffalo Butcher

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TBR List

Books Currently on Robert Brighton’s To-Be-Read List

Brighton’s TBR list includes a mix of classic and contemporary works. At the top of his list is Homer’s “Iliad” in the Lattimore translation, followed by “Paideia” by Jaeger. He also plans to delve into “The Great Guano Rush” by Skaggs, further expanding his knowledge and understanding of different historical periods.

Favorite Scene

The Midway Scene as the Author’s Favorite to Write

When asked about his favorite scene to write in “The Buffalo Butcher,” Brighton eagerly describes the Midway scene. This pivotal moment in the novel allowed him to showcase the vibrant energy and atmosphere of the Buffalo Electric Carnival. Brighton’s attention to detail and vivid descriptions transport readers to this captivating setting, making it a favorite for both the author and readers alike.

Interview with Robert Brighton, Author of The Buffalo Butcher

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Quirky Writing Habits

Use of Pencil and Notebook for Notes and Ideas

Brighton has a unique approach to jotting down his notes and ideas. He prefers to write them with a pencil in a notebook, allowing for a more tactile and personal connection to his creative process. By using this traditional method, Brighton taps into his imagination and lets the ideas flow freely.

Using the Laptop for Scene Writing

While notes and ideas are best captured with pencil and paper, when it comes to scene writing, Brighton turns to his trusty laptop. He finds that typing allows him to capture the scenes as he envisions them in his mind’s eye, bringing his stories to life.

Personal Motto

John Burroughs’ Quote as the Author’s Motto

One of Brighton’s guiding principles is a quote by John Burroughs: “Leap, and the net will appear.” This motto reflects his belief in taking risks and embracing uncertainty. Brighton’s willingness to step outside his comfort zone has led him to create unique and powerful stories that resonate with readers.

Interview with Robert Brighton, Author of The Buffalo Butcher

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Key Takeaway

The Importance of Friendship, Love, and Dignity

After reading “The Buffalo Butcher,” Brighton hopes that readers will take away the importance of friendship, love, and dignity. In the face of darkness and adversity, the characters in his novel find solace and strength in their connections to one another. Brighton’s writing highlights the power of these bonds and reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit.

Connect with Robert Brighton

Author’s Website

For more information about Robert Brighton and his work, readers can visit his official website. There, they can explore his other books, read his blog, and stay updated on upcoming projects and events.

Buying The Buffalo Butcher

“The Buffalo Butcher” is available for purchase through various online retailers. Readers can find it on Brighton’s website, as well as on platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores. By supporting the author’s work, readers can help ensure that Brighton continues to share his unique stories with the world.