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Interview with Olena Nikitin, Author of Magic and Medicine

In this captivating interview, Olena Nikitin, the author of “Magic and Medicine,” takes us behind the scenes of her writing process and shares the inspiration behind her latest book. As an author of epic romantic fantasy, Nikitin discusses how she wondered about the reactions of people in our modern world to gods and monsters in their everyday lives. Set in the magical city of Gdansk, “Magic and Medicine” combines fantasy elements with a contemporary setting. Nikitin also reveals the theme songs she chose for the main characters and shares her favorite genre to read. Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we delve into the fascinating mind of Olena Nikitin.

Interview with Olena Nikitin, Author of Magic and Medicine


Magic and Medicine is a captivating new novel written by Olena Nikitin. In an interview, Olena revealed the story behind the story and the inspiration for the book. During the writing process of their previous series, Season’s War, Olena and her co-author Mark started wondering how people in our modern world would react to the presence of gods and monsters in their everyday lives. Thus, they decided to bring magic to the modern world and set the story in their favorite and already magical city of Gdansk. This unique blend of fantasy and reality creates an intriguing narrative that will surely transport readers to a world where magic and medicine collide.

Character Theme Songs

When asked about theme songs for the main characters in Magic and Medicine, Olena and Mark had a friendly battle to choose the perfect songs. Mark, being a fan of League of Legends, selected “Legends Never Die” by Against the Current as the theme song for Leszek, one of the main characters. Olena, on the other hand, chose “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence for Sara, another key character in the story. Both songs perfectly capture the essence and personality of the characters, adding another layer of depth to their development.

Interview with Olena Nikitin, Author of Magic and Medicine

Favorite Genre to Read and Write

When it comes to their favorite genres, Mark and Olena have distinct preferences. Mark has a fondness for sci-fi and sci-fi romance, which may come as a surprise considering his engineering background. Olena, on the other hand, enjoys reading genres that allow her to escape from reality. She particularly enjoys delving into the world of monster/alien romance, which she affectionately refers to as “monster smut.” Despite their different choices in reading material, both Mark and Olena find joy in exploring and creating unique and captivating stories.

TBR Pile

Olena’s next book on her to-be-read (TBR) pile is The Healers’ Hellion by Miranda Bridges. She expresses her love for the series and the possessive men who are willing to do anything for their mate. Mark, on the other hand, is currently focused on editing their next book. As an editor, he steps back from reading for pleasure, although he admits to occasionally revisiting favorites like Restoree by Anne McCaffrey.

Interview with Olena Nikitin, Author of Magic and Medicine

Favorite Scene to Write

When asked about their favorite scene to write in Magic and Medicine, Olena immediately thinks of a teasing scene involving Sara. In this scene, Sara is challenged to be more affectionate in public than she’s comfortable with. However, she embraces the situation with unexpected results. Olena is careful not to give away any spoilers, but she admits that she loved the energy and dynamics of this particular scene. It’s moments like these that make writing truly enjoyable for authors.

Quirky Writing Habits

Olena reveals that she has a designated writing corner in her lounge, which she affectionately calls her nest. This cozy spot is where she immerses herself in the writing process. It’s not uncommon for her five cats to join her, often sitting on her laptop or, if she’s lucky, her lap. These feline companions bring a sense of comfort and companionship to Olena’s writing routine. Additionally, Olena confesses to having a coffee addiction. She relies on the caffeinated beverage to fuel her creativity and keep her focused during long writing sessions.

Interview with Olena Nikitin, Author of Magic and Medicine

Motto, Quote, or Philosophy

Olena lives by the motto, “Face life standing up, and don’t be afraid to grab it by the balls.” This bold and empowering philosophy reflects her determination to tackle life’s challenges head-on and make the most of every opportunity. Olena believes in embracing life with courage and resilience, and she hopes to inspire readers to do the same through her work.

Message for Readers

After readers finish reading Magic and Medicine, Olena wants them to remember Leszek’s eyes. This enigmatic message hints at the importance of truly seeing and understanding one another. Olena suggests that we all deserve a partner who can see us for who we truly are. This underlying theme of connection and acceptance is a central element of the story, and Olena hopes it resonates with readers long after they’ve turned the final page.

Interview with Olena Nikitin, Author of Magic and Medicine

About Olena Nikitin

Olena Nikitin is the talented author behind Magic and Medicine. With a passion for writing and storytelling, she immerses readers in captivating narratives that blend fantasy, romance, and modern-day challenges. Olena’s unique perspective and vivid imagination bring her characters to life, making her work a must-read for fans of the genre.


In this interview with Olena Nikitin, the author of Magic and Medicine, we gained insights into the background of the story, the inspiration behind it, and the creative process that shaped the characters and scenes. From the friendly battle over character theme songs to Olena’s quirky writing habits and motivation, this interview gives readers a glimpse into the mind of the author. Through her work, Olena aims to entertain, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on her readers. Magic and Medicine is sure to be a captivating read that transports readers to a world where magic and medicine intertwine in unexpected ways.