Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Fortnite’s new season brings Greek gods to the battle royale

Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is going even more old school for its next season. Epic just launched Chapter 5: Season 2 of the battle royale game, dubbed “Myths & Mortals,” and it’s all about Greek mythology. That means playing as Greek gods, fighting across Mount Olympus, and wielding Zeus’ thunderbolt. The launch was preceded by a clever in-game event involving Pandora’s box.

First up, the new locations. A number of mythological locales have been added to the map, including Mount Olympus and the underworld, which, naturally, is guarded by Cerberus. To go along with this are a number of power-ups and items to collect, including the Wings of Icarus so you can fly, Zeus’ bolts which let you “rise into the air and hurl lightning bolts at your target,” and a…

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