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Focal Theva No. 1 Speakers Review: Smooth and Creamy

Step into a world of smooth and creamy sound with the Focal Theva No. 1 Speakers. These bookshelf speakers deliver a delightful listening experience, with excellent detail and wide stereo imaging. With a smart and stylish design, they are an affordable option, priced under $1,000. Featuring 6.5-inch Slatefiber cones and inverted dome 1-inch tweeters, they offer a frequency response of 58 Hz to 28 kHz and an 8-ohm nominal impedance. When paired with a Naim Uniti Atom amplifier, these speakers provide clear instrumental separation, warm bass, and mellow treble. Though the soundstage may not be as expansive as the Vestia No. 1, the Theva No. 1 still presents a solid performance. Whether you’re watching films or enjoying TV shows, the dialog is brought to life with excellent nuance and dynamics. Plus, these speakers offer great value for the price, and you can further enhance the bass response by pairing them with a subwoofer.

Design and Build Quality

Focal Theva No. 1 Speakers Review: Smooth and Creamy

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Smart and stylish design

The Focal Theva No. 1 bookshelf speakers have a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any room. With their compact size, they fit seamlessly into any space and blend well with the surrounding decor. The speakers feature a minimalist design, with clean lines and a smooth finish, making them visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

High-quality materials

One of the standout features of the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers is their use of high-quality materials. The cabinets are constructed using premium materials that not only enhance the overall durability of the speakers but also contribute to their impeccable sound performance. The materials chosen not only provide a sleek and sophisticated appearance but also ensure long-lasting performance.

Compact and sturdy construction

Despite their small size, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers are built to last. The speakers are constructed with a sturdy build, giving them the ability to withstand daily wear and tear. This compact and durable design makes them both portable and capable of delivering exceptional sound quality in different settings. Whether you place them on a bookshelf, a desk, or mount them on stands, the speakers maintain their stability and deliver consistent performance.

Sound Performance

Sweet and smooth sound

The Focal Theva No. 1 bookshelf speakers are designed to deliver a sweet and smooth sound experience. The combination of their Slatefiber cones and inverted dome tweeters allows for accurate and precise sound reproduction. This results in a balanced and enjoyable listening experience, with a natural and organic sound signature.

Excellent detail

These speakers excel in capturing intricate details in the music and presenting them in a way that is both accurate and pleasing to the ear. From the delicate plucking of guitar strings to the subtle nuances in vocals, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers bring out every detail in the audio, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the music.

Wide stereo imaging

With their wide stereo imaging capabilities, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers create a spacious and immersive soundstage. Whether you’re listening to a live concert recording or watching a movie, the speakers place the sound sources with precision, giving you a sense of being in the middle of the action. The wide stereo imaging enhances the overall listening experience and adds depth and realism to the sound reproduction.

Clear instrumental separation

One of the key strengths of the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers is their ability to separate individual instruments and vocals, providing a clear and detailed soundstage. Each instrument occupies its own space in the audio, allowing the listener to discern subtle nuances and appreciate the skill and artistry of the musicians. The clear instrumental separation adds depth and dimension to the sound, making the listening experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Warm bass

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers boast a warm and well-rounded bass response that adds richness and depth to the overall sound. The Slatefiber cones contribute to the speakers’ ability to reproduce the low frequencies with precision and accuracy, producing a warm and punchy bass that is both satisfying and impactful. Whether you’re listening to electronic dance music or enjoying a classical symphony, the speakers deliver a bass response that is tight, controlled, and full-bodied.

Mellow treble

In addition to their impressive bass performance, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers also offer a mellow and smooth treble response. The inverted dome tweeters reproduce the high frequencies with clarity and finesse, ensuring that the treble is never harsh or overly bright. The mellow treble adds a touch of warmth and elegance to the overall sound signature, making the speakers a joy to listen to for extended periods without any listening fatigue.

Focal Theva No. 1 Speakers Review: Smooth and Creamy

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Dialog nuance and dynamics

When it comes to dialog reproduction in films and TV shows, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers excel in presenting the nuances and dynamics of spoken words. Whether it’s the subtle whispers of a character or the powerful delivery of a monologue, the speakers accurately reproduce the dialog, allowing the listener to fully comprehend and appreciate every word. This attention to detail enhances the overall viewing experience and makes dialogue-heavy content much more enjoyable.

Speaker Specifications

6.5-inch Slatefiber cones

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers feature 6.5-inch Slatefiber cones, which are made from a unique, high-quality material developed by Focal. The Slatefiber cones offer high rigidity and excellent internal damping, resulting in improved linearity and reduced distortion. This translates into accurate and detailed sound reproduction across the entire frequency range.

Inverted dome 1-inch tweeters

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers are equipped with inverted dome 1-inch tweeters. This design choice allows for improved directivity and better control of the high frequencies, resulting in a wider dispersion pattern and enhanced stereo imaging. The inverted dome tweeters provide smooth and extended high-frequency response, delivering crystal-clear treble with remarkable accuracy.

Frequency response of 58 Hz to 28 kHz

These speakers have an impressive frequency response range of 58 Hz to 28 kHz, ensuring that they reproduce a wide range of frequencies accurately. This broad frequency response allows for faithful sound reproduction, capturing the full spectrum of audio content. Whether you’re listening to rich bass lines or delicate high notes, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers faithfully reproduce every detail of the original recording.

8-ohm nominal impedance

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. This moderate impedance makes them compatible with a wide range of amplifiers, allowing for easy integration into existing audio setups. The 8-ohm nominal impedance ensures that the speakers can be driven to their full potential without straining the amplifier, resulting in optimal performance and longevity.

Amplifier Compatibility

Works well with Naim Uniti Atom amplifier

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers are designed to work seamlessly with the Naim Uniti Atom amplifier. The combination of these two high-quality audio components results in an impressive performance and synergy that elevates your listening experience to new heights. The Naim Uniti Atom amplifier provides ample power and control to drive the speakers, unlocking their full potential and delivering exceptional sound quality.

Impressive performance and synergy

When paired with the Naim Uniti Atom amplifier, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers truly shine. The seamless integration between the speakers and the amplifier ensures that every aspect of the audio signal is faithfully reproduced. The combination of the amplifier’s power and the speakers’ exceptional sound quality results in a truly immersive and captivating listening experience. Whether you’re listening to music or watching movies, the performance and synergy between the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers and the Naim Uniti Atom amplifier are sure to impress.

Comparisons with Vestia No. 1

Smaller soundstage

In comparison to the Vestia No. 1 speakers, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers have a slightly smaller soundstage. While the soundstage is still immersive and spacious, it may not have the same depth and width as the Vestia No. 1 speakers. However, considering the compact size of the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers, this is a minor trade-off for the exceptional sound quality they deliver.

Solid listening experience

Despite the smaller soundstage, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers still provide a solid and enjoyable listening experience. The accurate sound reproduction, detail retrieval, and instrumental separation make them a reliable choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. The speakers excel in reproducing a wide range of genres and musical styles, delivering a consistent and engaging performance that immerses the listener in the music.

Focal Theva No. 1 Speakers Review: Smooth and Creamy

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Different tonal characteristics

While both the Focal Theva No. 1 and Vestia No. 1 speakers offer exceptional sound quality, they do have different tonal characteristics. The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers have a warm and mellow tonal balance, with a focus on delivering smooth and smooth sound. On the other hand, the Vestia No. 1 speakers have a more neutral tonal balance, providing a more accurate and precise sound reproduction. The choice between the two will depend on personal preference and the desired sound signature.

Value for Money

Great value under $1,000

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers offer great value for the price, especially considering their exceptional sound quality and premium build. Priced under $1,000, these bookshelf speakers provide a high-end listening experience without breaking the bank. The value for money they offer makes them an attractive option for those looking for affordable luxury in their audio setup.

Affordable luxury

With their stylish design, premium materials, and impressive sound performance, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers can be considered as affordable luxury. They offer a taste of high-end audio at a fraction of the price, allowing more people to experience the joy of exceptional sound quality. The combination of their affordability and luxurious features makes them a compelling option for music lovers and audio enthusiasts alike.

Competitive pricing

When compared to other bookshelf speakers in a similar price range, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers stand out for their exceptional build quality and sound performance. The competitive pricing of these speakers makes them an attractive option for those seeking value and quality in their audio setup. By offering a combination of premium features at an affordable price, Focal has created a product that rivals the performance and build quality of higher-priced alternatives.

Enhanced Bass with Subwoofer

Can be paired with a subwoofer

For those looking to enhance the bass response of the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers, they can easily be paired with a subwoofer. Adding a subwoofer to the audio setup allows for a more impactful and immersive low-frequency experience. Whether you’re a fan of bass-heavy music genres or enjoy the rumble of explosions in movies, a subwoofer can take the audio experience to the next level.

Enhanced bass response

When paired with a subwoofer, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers deliver enhanced bass response that fills the room with rich and powerful low-end frequencies. The combination of the speakers’ warm bass and the subwoofer’s extended low-frequency capabilities creates a well-rounded and dynamic audio experience. From deep thumps to subtle rumbles, the enhanced bass adds depth and impact to your favorite music and movies.

Versatile audio setup

The addition of a subwoofer to the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers allows for a versatile audio setup that can cater to a wide range of preferences and genres. Whether you prefer a more balanced sound signature or enjoy a bass-heavy experience, the ability to adjust the bass response by adding or fine-tuning the subwoofer ensures that you can tailor the audio setup to your liking. This versatility makes the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers a versatile choice for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike.

Build Quality and Durability

High-quality components

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers are built using high-quality components that contribute to their exceptional build quality and durability. From the Slatefiber cones to the inverted dome tweeters, every component is carefully chosen to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The use of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship results in speakers that can withstand the test of time and deliver consistent performance.

Sturdy construction

The Focal Theva No. 1 speakers are designed with a sturdy construction that ensures they can withstand the rigors of daily use. The cabinets are built using robust materials that offer excellent structural integrity, reducing vibrations and minimizing resonance. The solid construction of the speakers contributes to their overall stability and allows them to perform at their best, even at higher volumes.

Long-lasting performance

With their high-quality components and sturdy construction, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers are designed to provide long-lasting performance. Whether you’re using them as part of a high-end audio setup or as a casual listening solution, these speakers are built to withstand the test of time. The investment in these speakers is one that will continue to pay off as they deliver exceptional sound quality for years to come.

User Experience

Positive user feedback

Users who have experienced the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. From audiophiles to casual listeners, the consensus is that these speakers offer exceptional sound quality and value for money. Users praise the speakers for their accurate sound reproduction, clear instrument separation, and immersive listening experience. The positive user feedback is a testament to the quality and performance of these speakers.

Satisfaction with sound quality

One of the main reasons users are highly satisfied with the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers is their sound quality. The speakers deliver a sweet and smooth sound that is pleasing to the ear and allows for a highly enjoyable listening experience. Users appreciate the accuracy and detail in the sound reproduction and find that the speakers excel in capturing the essence and emotion of the music. The satisfaction with the sound quality further cements the reputation of these speakers as top performers in their class.

Ease of setup and use

Another aspect of the user experience that receives positive feedback is the ease of setup and use of the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers. The speakers are designed to be user-friendly, with simple connections and intuitive controls. Users find that the speakers integrate seamlessly into their audio setup and require minimal effort to get up and running. The hassle-free setup and use of these speakers contribute to an overall positive user experience.


In conclusion, the Focal Theva No. 1 bookshelf speakers deliver an exceptional audio experience with their sweet and smooth sound, wide stereo imaging, and clear instrumental separation. The speakers boast a stylish design and high-quality construction, making them both visually appealing and durable. With their affordable price point, the Focal Theva No. 1 speakers offer great value for the money and provide an affordable luxury option for audio enthusiasts. Whether you’re a music lover or a movie enthusiast, these speakers are sure to impress with their smooth and creamy sound, stylish design, and exceptional value.