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Fire Tablet deals are aplenty during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

UPDATE: Mar. 19, 2024, 5:00 a.m. EDT This article has been updated with the latest Fire Tablet deals ahead of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale.

Best Fire tablet deals from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Best Fire tablet deal

Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet (128GB)

$199.99 at Amazon
(save $80)

Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet

Best kids Fire tablet deal

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet (32GB)

$149.99 at Amazon
(save $40)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet

The world would have you think that there’s only one tablet you should ever consider buying: an iPad. Yes, iPads are great, but have you considered any other alternatives? If not, allow us to introduce you to the Fire tablet, Amazon’s popular budget tablet line that admittedly can’t do everything an iPad can, but not everyone needs all those fancy bells and whistles. If you think you’ll be a more casual tablet user, a Fire tablet might be a smart choice.

And as fate would have it, a bunch of Fire tablets are at heavy discounts ahead of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale on March 20. If you don’t feel like waiting until the official day, we’ve already put together a list of the best Fire tablet deals you can shop right now. Take a look, and be sure to check back once the sale actually starts, because there may be even more offers.

Best Fire tablet deals

Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet (128GB)

at Amazon

Save $80.00

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the Fire Max 11 tablet.

The Fire Max 11 tablet is Amazon’s most feature-complete tablet to date, and you can currently snag one for $80 off the usual price. It’s packed with a speedy and powerful octa-core processor that’s perfect for productivity and entertainment, can handle up to 14 hours of use on a single charge, and has a beautiful 11-inch screen to tie it all together. You can even get a bundle that comes with a keyboard cover and stylus at a discount (almost $120 off) during the sale.

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Best kids Fire tablet deals

Why we like it

If you’re getting a tablet for yourself, you might as well get one for your little one, too. The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is a great option, and it’s $40 off during the Big Spring Sale. It’s chock full of stuff for your kid to distract themselves with, and you’ll get an extensive suite of parental controls to make sure they’re using the device in a healthy and safe way. You’ll also get a year of Amazon Kids+, a protective case, and a two-year warranty (because accidents can and will happen).

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