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Eufy X8 Pro review: Pet hair is no match for this robot vacuum

With the Eufy X8 Pro robot vacuum, pet hair is no match. As someone who has multiple pets, dealing with pet hair can be a daily chore. But this robot vacuum takes care of it all, detangling its own brush after each cleaning. The X8 Pro also offers great cleaning performance, excellent navigation, and obstacle detection. Plus, it comes with a self-emptying base for easy maintenance. Whether you have pets or not, the Eufy X8 Pro is the perfect companion to keep your floors clean effortlessly.

Eufy X8 Pro review: Pet hair is no match for this robot vacuum


Great cleaning performance

The Eufy X8 Pro delivers excellent cleaning performance, making it an ideal choice for daily floor maintenance. Whether you have laminate floors or area rugs, this robot vacuum does a great job of clearing dust and pet hair. It uses a powerful suction system, producing a total of 8,000 Pa of suction to effectively remove dirt and debris from your floors. With this vacuum, you can enjoy clean and fresh floors every day.

Detangles roller brush as it rotates

One common issue with robot vacuums is pet hair getting wrapped around the roller brush, which reduces its effectiveness and suction power. However, the Eufy X8 Pro solves this problem with its detangling roller brush. After each cleaning, the brush automatically detangles itself, removing any pet hair that may have gotten wrapped around it. This feature ensures that the vacuum maintains its optimal performance and prevents any clogs caused by tangled hair.

Excellent navigation and obstacle detection

The X8 Pro uses laser navigation and AI mapping to navigate through your home without any issues. It has excellent obstacle detection capabilities, allowing it to smoothly maneuver around furniture and other objects in its path. You won’t have to worry about the vacuum getting stuck or damaging your furniture. With its advanced navigation system, the X8 Pro efficiently cleans every corner of your home and follows custom cleaning paths based on your preferences.


Mopping not very effective on stains

While the Eufy X8 Pro performs well as a vacuum, its mopping capabilities may not be as effective on stubborn stains or sticky messes. The mopping attachment simply drags a dampened mop pad across the floor, which is sufficient for daily maintenance and removing surface grime. However, for deeper stains or hard-to-remove dirt, you may need to use a traditional mop or cleaning solution. Keep this in mind if you’re primarily looking for a robot vacuum with exceptional mopping capabilities.

Too tall to get into some low spaces

Due to its height, the Eufy X8 Pro may have difficulty accessing low spaces such as toe spaces under kitchen or bathroom cabinets. While it navigates well around furniture and obstacles, its taller build might limit its ability to reach deep into tight spaces. If you have particularly low furniture or areas with limited vertical clearance, you may need to manually clean those areas or consider a different robot vacuum specifically designed for accessing low spaces.

Eufy X8 Pro review: Pet hair is no match for this robot vacuum

Our Verdict

The Eufy X8 Pro is an excellent self-emptying robot vacuum and mop that can help with daily floor maintenance in most households. Its powerful cleaning performance, detangling roller brush, and advanced navigation make it a top choice for pet owners. The vacuum’s ability to automatically detangle pet hair ensures that it maintains optimal performance, making it ideal for homes with pets. However, if you’re primarily looking for a robot vacuum with exceptional mopping capabilities or need a vacuum that can access low spaces, you may want to explore other options.

Price When Reviewed

The Eufy X8 Pro is priced at $649.99 and comes bundled with a self-emptying base. This price includes both the robot vacuum and the base station, providing you with a convenient self-emptying feature that further simplifies the cleaning process. Considering the X8 Pro’s cleaning performance, detangling brush, and advanced features, it offers good value for its price.

Eufy X8 Pro review: Pet hair is no match for this robot vacuum

Best Prices Today: Eufy X8 Pro

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These prices may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest promotions and discounts before making a purchase.

Design & setup

Setting up the Eufy X8 Pro is a straightforward process. The self-emptying base, which measures just 15 x 7 x 6 inches (HxWxD), can be easily placed on its clear plastic mat to prevent any dripping from the mop pad. Simply plug in the base station, and you’re ready to start using the X8 Pro. To connect the robot to your Wi-Fi and access its features, you’ll need to download the Eufy app and follow the provided instructions. The app guides you through the setup process, making it simple and hassle-free.

The X8 Pro utilizes laser navigation and AI mapping to navigate your home efficiently. It avoids obstacles, tracks cleaning paths, and allows for custom cleaning options. The app provides a range of customization features, allowing you to edit the map, designate room divisions, add room names, create no-go zones, and set up specific cleaning sequences. With its intuitive app and advanced navigation system, the X8 Pro ensures a seamless cleaning experience tailored to your home’s layout.

Vacuuming and mopping performance

When it comes to vacuuming performance, the Eufy X8 Pro excels at clearing laminate floors and area rugs of dust and pet hair. Its powerful suction, totaling 8,000 Pa, efficiently removes dirt and debris, leaving your floors clean and fresh. The X8 Pro’s advanced navigation and obstacle detection capabilities allow it to maneuver around furniture and obstacles, ensuring every corner of your home is thoroughly cleaned. The built-in comb in the roller brush detangles pet hair as it rotates, preventing any clogs and maintaining the vacuum’s optimal performance.

As a 2-in-1 robot cleaner, the X8 Pro also offers mopping capabilities. Attach the separate 270ml water tank with the mop cloth to the bottom of the robot, and it will vacuum and mop simultaneously during cleaning. The mopping performance is on par with other robot vacuums that use a similar mopping attachment. While it effectively removes surface grime and keeps your floors well-maintained on a daily basis, it may not be as effective on stubborn stains or sticky messes. For those situations, you may need to use a traditional mop or cleaning solution.

Eufy X8 Pro specifications

  • Cleaning modes: Vacuum and mop
  • Charging dock type: Auto-clean station
  • Navigation: LiDAR
  • Suction: Up to 8,000 Pa
  • AI obstacle avoidance: Yes
  • Dustbin capacity: 335ml onboard, 2.5L in the base station
  • Mopping type: Attachable tank with mop cloth
  • Water tank capacity: 270ml
  • Carpet detection: Yes
  • App control: Android and iOS
  • Voice control: Alexa, Google Assistant

These specifications give you an overview of the Eufy X8 Pro’s capabilities. It offers both vacuuming and mopping modes, ensuring comprehensive floor maintenance. The LiDAR navigation system enables efficient cleaning while avoiding obstacles. With up to 8,000 Pa of suction power, the X8 Pro ensures thorough cleaning performance. The dustbin has a capacity of 335ml onboard, and the base station provides additional storage with a capacity of 2.5L. The attachable water tank with the mop cloth allows for simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, providing convenience and versatility. The X8 Pro is compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing for easy app control, and it supports voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant.

Should you buy the Eufy X8 Pro?

The Eufy X8 Pro is a highly capable 2-in-1 robot cleaner that offers excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance. It delivers great cleaning performance, making it suitable for daily floor maintenance in most households. However, whether or not you should buy the X8 Pro depends on your specific needs and preferences.

For pet owners, the X8 Pro is an outstanding choice. The active detangling roller brush is a standout feature that effectively eliminates pet hair clogs, ensuring optimal vacuum performance. If you have pets that shed fur, the X8 Pro should be at the top of your shopping list.

For users without pets or with different cleaning requirements, the X8 Pro still offers impressive cleaning capabilities and advanced features. However, there may be other robot vacuums available that better suit your needs. If exceptional mopping performance or access to low spaces is important to you, it would be worth exploring other options that specialize in those areas.

Overall, the Eufy X8 Pro provides a comprehensive solution for home floor maintenance. Its powerful cleaning performance, detangling brush, and advanced navigation make it a reliable choice for keeping your floors clean and tidy.