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DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including ‘driving insights’

In a move to prioritize safety, DoorDash has announced the addition of three new in-app safety tools for its delivery people. These tools include the introduction of “driving insights,” the expansion of Apple CarPlay integration to more states, and the inclusion of speed limit notifications on the navigation interface. Through the driving insights feature, delivery people will receive information about their individual driving habits, promoting safe driving practices. Additionally, the CarPlay integration allows drivers to sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s infotainment systems, improving navigation. With these new tools, DoorDash demonstrates its commitment to keeping both its delivery people and the general public safe on the roads.

DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including ‘driving insights’

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DoorDash, the popular food delivery platform, is prioritizing the safety of its delivery people by introducing new safety tools. These tools aim to enhance driving practices and ensure a smoother and safer delivery experience. With features like Driving Insights, Apple CarPlay Integration, and Speed Limit Notifications, DoorDash is committed to promoting safe driving habits and providing its drivers with valuable information for a safer delivery journey.

Driving Insights

Feature Overview

The Driving Insights feature is designed to help DoorDash delivery people better understand their driving habits. By leveraging the location information already collected from their phones, the Dasher app can now identify rapid changes in braking and acceleration. Through this feature, drivers can gain valuable insights into their individual driving behaviors, promoting safer and more controlled driving practices.

Collection of Data

To provide these insights, the Dasher app collects data from the delivery person’s phone. This location data is analyzed to identify patterns and trends in braking and acceleration. By collecting this data, DoorDash can offer personalized feedback to drivers and help them adopt safer driving habits.

Identifying Rapid Changes in Braking and Acceleration

The Driving Insights feature focuses on identifying rapid changes in braking and acceleration. By monitoring these aspects of driving behavior, DoorDash aims to highlight potential areas of improvement for its delivery people. The app will provide feedback and suggestions to drivers based on their individual driving patterns, helping them enhance their driving skills and prioritize safety.

DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including ‘driving insights’

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Apple CarPlay Integration

Previous Pilot Program

DoorDash had previously launched a pilot program for Apple CarPlay integration. The pilot program was initially available in select markets and received positive feedback from delivery people. Building on this success, DoorDash is now expanding Apple CarPlay integration to 17 U.S. cities, including Washington, D.C., Des Moines, Sarasota, and more.

Expanding to 17 U.S. Cities

With the expansion of Apple CarPlay integration, more DoorDash drivers will have the opportunity to sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s infotainment system. This integration allows drivers to view DoorDash’s navigation interface directly on their car’s built-in screens, making it easier and safer to navigate while on the road.

Syncing iPhone with Car’s Infotainment System

By syncing their iPhone with their car’s infotainment system, DoorDash drivers can seamlessly access DoorDash’s navigation interface without the need for additional devices or distractions. This integration enhances the overall driving experience, ensuring that drivers can focus on the road while still receiving necessary route guidance and order information.

Speed Limit Notifications

Displaying On-Screen Indicators

To further reinforce safe driving practices, DoorDash now displays on-screen indicators for speed limit notifications. While DoorDash already provided drivers with information about the posted speed limits, the new feature adds individual speed comparison to the mix. These on-screen indicators help drivers easily track their own speed and compare it with the posted speed limit, ensuring they stay within safe driving limits.

Comparing Individual Speed to Posted Speed Limit

DoorDash’s in-app navigation now allows drivers to compare their individual speed with the posted speed limit. This real-time feedback helps drivers gauge their driving speed and make necessary adjustments to ensure they are following the speed limits set for specific roads and areas. By actively monitoring their speed, drivers can prioritize safety and avoid any potential traffic violations.

Available to All Drivers Using In-App Navigation

Speed limit notifications are available to all DoorDash drivers who utilize in-app navigation. This ensures that every driver using DoorDash’s delivery platform can benefit from the added safety feature. DoorDash strives to create a consistent and safe experience for all its delivery people, regardless of the city or region they operate in.

DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including ‘driving insights’

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Expansion to More Cities

DoorDash’s commitment to safety extends beyond the features mentioned above. The company is continuously expanding its operations in various cities to ensure more delivery people have access to these safety tools. This expansion brings the benefits of DoorDash’s safety features to a wider audience, promoting safe driving practices across different locations and communities.

Previous Safety Features

DoorDash has been actively working to improve driver safety with previous feature introductions. Some of these safety measures include reducing notifications sent to drivers while they are on the road, encouraging customers not to text drivers during their delivery journey, and implementing a one-tap messaging system. These features were designed to minimize distractions and ensure smoother communication between customers and delivery people.

Reduced Notifications for Driving Delivery People

DoorDash recognized the importance of minimizing distractions for its delivery people while they are on the road. To help drivers better focus on their driving tasks, the company reduced the number of notifications sent to drivers, ensuring they can prioritize safety without unnecessary interruptions.

Promoting No Texting While Driving

Recognizing the dangers of texting and driving, DoorDash actively encourages customers not to text delivery people during their journey. This safety measure helps prevent distractions and ensures that drivers can maintain their focus on the road, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting safer delivery experiences.

One-Tap Messaging System

To facilitate quick and efficient communication between customers and drivers, DoorDash introduced a one-tap messaging system. This feature allows delivery people to send pre-defined messages, such as “I’m on my way to the store” or “I’m waiting for your order,” with just a single tap. By streamlining communication, DoorDash aims to reduce the time spent on phone interactions and promote safer driving practices.

Other Safety Features Introduced Earlier

DoorDash has continuously introduced various safety features to prioritize the well-being of its delivery people. These features include real-time route optimization to minimize delivery time, contactless delivery options to maintain social distancing, and comprehensive training programs to ensure drivers have the necessary knowledge and skills for safe deliveries. DoorDash’s dedication to safety is evident in its holistic approach to enhancing driver experiences and promoting safe practices.

DoorDash adds new safety tools for its delivery people, including ‘driving insights’

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Testing Warning Non-Tippers

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting its delivery people, DoorDash is testing a feature that warns customers who do not tip that their order may experience delays. This test aims to address the challenges faced by delivery people when customers fail to provide a tip, potentially affecting their earnings. By warning non-tippers of potential delays, DoorDash aims to encourage tipping behavior and ensure fair compensation for its diligent delivery people.

In conclusion, DoorDash’s introduction of new safety tools, such as Driving Insights, Apple CarPlay Integration, and Speed Limit Notifications, showcases the company’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its delivery people. By providing valuable insights into driving habits, integrating with Apple CarPlay to enhance navigation, displaying speed limit notifications, and expanding operations to more cities, DoorDash strives to promote safe driving practices and create a secure and efficient delivery experience. Combined with its previous safety features and ongoing initiatives, DoorDash is continuously working to ensure the safety and success of its delivery people.