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Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

Good news for fans of the ’90s cartoon Gargoyles: the beloved series may be returning to our screens once again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Dauberman and James Wan, the creative team behind Annabelle, are set to adapt Gargoyles into a live-action show for Disney Plus. The original cartoon, which aired from 1994 to 1997, followed a clan of gargoyles cursed to live as stone. When a billionaire relocates them to his Manhattan skyscraper, they awaken and join forces with a local detective to protect the city from villains and magical creatures. While previous attempts at rebooting the show have failed, let’s hope this latest adaptation doesn’t suffer the same fate. As fans eagerly anticipate the series’ return, the concern of potential removal from Disney Plus, as seen with the Willow reboot, looms.

Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

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Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

Are you ready for the return of one of Disney’s most unique and notable animated shows from the ’90s? Get excited because Gargoyles is making a comeback! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creative team behind Annabelle, Gary Dauberman and James Wan, are adapting the series as a live-action show for Disney Plus. This means that the beloved clan of gargoyles cursed to live as stone will soon be back in action, protecting the city from criminals, billionaires, and magical creatures.

The Return of Gargoyles

One of the exciting aspects of this upcoming adaptation is that it will follow a similar path to the original cartoon, which is also available on Disney Plus. The animated series aired from 1994 to 1997 and captured the hearts of many with its captivating storyline. The gargoyles, after a thousand years of slumber, awaken when a billionaire moves them and their castle to his skyscraper in Manhattan. Teaming up with a local detective, they embark on a mission to protect the city and combat various threats.

Adapting the Series as a Live-Action Show

Gary Dauberman, known for his work on Annabelle, will play a significant role in bringing Gargoyles to life. He will not only write the series but also serve as an executive producer and showrunner. With his expertise in the horror genre, fans can expect an intriguing and visually stunning adaptation that respects the essence of the original show.

Gary Dauberman’s Role in the Series

Gary Dauberman’s involvement in the series brings excitement and confidence to the project. His previous work on horror movies, such as the Annabelle series, demonstrates his ability to create suspenseful and engaging storytelling. With Dauberman at the helm, Gargoyles will receive the attention it deserves.

Similarities with the Original Cartoon

Fans of the original cartoon will be thrilled to know that the live-action adaptation will stay true to the core elements that made the show so beloved. The unique concept of gargoyles protecting a city and teaming up with a human detective will remain intact. Additionally, the inclusion of magical creatures and the challenges they bring will continue to captivate audiences of all ages.

Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

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A Unique and Notable Show

Gargoyles was a groundbreaking animated series for its time, offering a fresh and serialized storytelling approach that was rare in children’s programming during the ’90s. However, what made it truly stand out was its exceptional voice cast. Surprisingly, half the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation lent their voices to the show, further enhancing its quality and appeal.

A Serial Animated Show for Kids

Animated shows with a continuous storyline were not as prevalent during the ’90s, especially those aimed at younger audiences. Gargoyles broke the mold by providing an immersive narrative that carried on from episode to episode. This unique approach allowed viewers, both young and old, to develop a deeper connection with the characters and become fully invested in their journey.

The Star Trek Connection

It’s hard to ignore the influence of Star Trek on Gargoyles. The involvement of several Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members, including Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn, added a layer of prestige to the show. Their exceptional voice acting skills and familiarity with sci-fi/fantasy storytelling made for a perfect fit within the Gargoyles universe.

Influence of Shakespeare

Gargoyles not only catered to fans of action and fantasy, but it also introduced a younger audience to the works of Shakespeare. Characters like Macbeth, portrayed as a gargoyle-hunting antihero, and the fair court of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as regular antagonists, showcased the show’s commitment to intelligent storytelling. By incorporating Shakespearean themes and characters, Gargoyles offered viewers a rich and educational experience.

Previous Attempts at Adaptation

While this live-action adaptation is an exciting prospect for fans, it’s not the first time someone has attempted to bring Gargoyles back to life.

Jordan Peele’s Failed Attempt

Jordan Peele, now renowned for his work as a horror director and writer, had previously expressed interest in rebooting Gargoyles. Unfortunately, Disney turned down his proposal before he achieved his current level of success with films like Get Out. Despite this setback, Peele’s passion for the show highlights the enduring appeal and potential of the Gargoyles universe.

The Team from the Swamp Thing Reboot

This time around, the task of adapting Gargoyles falls to the team responsible for the ill-fated Swamp Thing reboot on DC Universe. While the show faced challenges and was ultimately canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, it received critical acclaim for its quality. With this talented group at the helm, fans can hope for a faithful and well-executed live-action adaptation of Gargoyles.

Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

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Concerns and Hopes

As with any highly anticipated project, there are some concerns and hopes surrounding Disney’s track record and the treatment of beloved properties.

Possible Issues with Disney’s Track Record

One concern stems from Disney’s track record of abruptly removing shows from their streaming service. Recently, the beloved show Willow was removed from Disney Plus shortly after its premiere, leaving fans and potential new viewers without a legal way to watch it. This removal was met with disappointment, and actor Warwick Davis, who starred in Willow, expressed his frustration. Fans of Gargoyles hope that the same fate does not befall this beloved series.

Willow’s Removal from Disney Plus

The removal of Willow from Disney Plus serves as a reminder that even highly anticipated shows can face uncertain futures. Given Gargoyles’ dedicated fanbase and the potential to introduce a new generation to the franchise, it is essential for Disney to give the series the support and longevity it deserves.

Hopes for the Future of Gargoyles

Fans and supporters of Gargoyles harbor hopes for a bright future for the franchise. They eagerly anticipate a successful live-action adaptation that captures the essence of the original show. Furthermore, they long for Disney’s commitment to nurturing the series, allowing it to thrive and resonate with audiences for years to come.

Reader Comments

Here are some of the most popular comments from readers on The Verge’s article:

  • “Finally, a remake worth getting excited about! Gargoyles was my childhood, and I can’t wait to see it brought to life once more.”
  • “I hope this adaptation does justice to the original. Gargoyles deserves recognition as one of the greatest animated shows of all time.”
  • “As a die-hard Star Trek fan, I will forever be grateful to Gargoyles for bringing some of my favorite actors into a new realm of storytelling.”
  • “Please, Disney, don’t pull a Willow on us. Give Gargoyles the platform it deserves, and don’t take it away from us too soon!”
  • “I still can’t believe Jordan Peele almost got his hands on Gargoyles. What a missed opportunity. But at least it’s in capable hands now!”

Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

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Disney’s Gargoyles may live again — for real this time

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The return of Gargoyles as a live-action show has generated tremendous excitement and anticipation among fans of the original series. With the talented creative team behind Annabelle at the helm, this adaptation promises to capture the essence of the beloved cartoon while introducing it to a new generation of viewers. As we await the premiere, we hope that Disney’s commitment to the show remains steadfast and that Gargoyles can once again soar to great heights of popularity and acclaim.