Monday, May 27, 2024

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Reveals Why It Is Crypto’s ‘Root Of Trust’

In a recent appearance at the Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, expressed his admiration for the decentralized public blockchain platform and its contributions to the crypto space. Hoskinson highlighted Cardano’s journey as a leading blockchain in the industry and emphasized its role as a foundation of trust for the cryptocurrency world. He commended the network’s flawless track record of uninterrupted daily operations over the last five years and referred to Cardano as a “root of trust,” underscoring its significance as a reliable global anchor for the entire crypto space. This endorsement comes at a time when Cardano’s community is rapidly growing, and investors anticipate a potential price recovery for the native token ADA. Additionally, Hoskinson revealed a new framework called Partner Chains, which aims to revolutionize blockchain ecosystems by providing independent and interoperable layer 1 blockchain networks with optimized solutions to major industry challenges. The integration of this framework is eagerly anticipated by many Cardano community members, with Midnight, a data protection-based blockchain, set to be the first partner chain to adopt it.

Hoskinson Praises Cardano

American entrepreneur and founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has publicly applauded Cardano, a decentralized public blockchain platform for its growth and development over the years. During the recently concluded Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai, Hoskinson emphasized the critical role the network has played in advancing the crypto space and its journey as a leading blockchain in the industry.

He stated that Cardano’s origins were modest yet its robust vision has enabled the blockchain to make significant advances and progress in the crypto space since its inception.

Hoskinson described the network’s numerous achievements, stating that the blockchain has maintained a flawless track record characterized by uninterrupted daily operations for the last five years. He further solidified his admiration by titling the network as a “root of trust,” signifying the blockchain’s pivotal role as a dependable global anchor for the crypto space.

“The fact that Cardano has never failed in 5 years, it’s always been running 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it’s become effectively the root of trust of the entire cryptocurrency space there is no engine better-there is no code better than what we’ve re we’ve written,” Hoskinson stated.

Hoskinson’s endorsement of the blockchain comes at a time when the blockchain and its community are growing rapidly with new projects and developments. The price of Cardano’s native token ADA has also seen slight growth recently, and many investors expect the cryptocurrency to begin a price recovery phase.

Founder Reveals New Framework

During the Cardano Summit 2023, Charles Hoskinson outlined a new framework for the ecosystem called Partner Chains.

“Partner chains are the next frontier for Cardano’s evolution! IOG unveils a revolutionary framework enabling independent, interoperable, layer 1 blockchain networks to thrive,” Input-Output revealed in an X (formerly Twitter) post.

According to Hoskinson, Partner Chains are a unique approach for developers and validators within the network to utilize the blockchain’s strengths and technological resources to build their uniquely optimized partner chains.

The new framework is said to deliver transformative solutions to how blockchains are launched, operated, and managed. Partner Chains also promise to solve major blockchain challenges like interoperability, security, tokenomics, and lock-ins.

Many Cardano community members are looking forward to the integration of the new framework. Midnight, a data protection-based blockchain, is already positioned to be the first partner chain to adopt the framework and enjoy its potential benefits.

Growing Cardano Community

The Cardano community has experienced significant growth and development recently. With the endorsement from founder Charles Hoskinson and the launch of innovative frameworks like Partner Chains, the Cardano ecosystem is attracting more attention and participation.

The community is seeing an influx of new projects and developments, further bolstering Cardano’s position as a leading blockchain platform. These new projects and developments contribute to the overall growth and expansion of the Cardano network, making it more robust and resilient.

Additionally, the recent growth in the price of Cardano’s native token ADA suggests a potential price recovery phase. Many investors and traders are optimistic about the future of ADA and its market performance.

The growing Cardano community is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and continues to actively contribute to the development and success of the ecosystem.


Cardano, under the leadership of founder Charles Hoskinson, has made significant strides in the blockchain industry. Its growth and development over the years have established it as one of the leading blockchain platforms. The endorsement from Hoskinson further solidifies the network’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy foundation for the crypto space.

With the introduction of the Partner Chains framework, Cardano is poised to revolutionize the way blockchains are launched and operated. The potential benefits it brings, such as interoperability and enhanced security, make it an attractive proposition for developers and validators within the Cardano network.

The growing Cardano community is actively contributing to the ecosystem’s expansion and development. With new projects and developments on the horizon, Cardano’s future looks promising. The recent price growth of ADA also suggests a potential recovery phase, further fueling optimism within the community.

Overall, Cardano’s achievements, innovative frameworks, and growing community set the stage for a bright future in the crypto space. As it continues to evolve and adapt, Cardano remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation.