Rounding up the best covers

After the best case for your iPhone 14 Pro? We round up our faves in this list.

With every new iPhone model comes a fresh wave of cases and covers, and for iPhone 14 Pro, that’s no different. Although we’re now counting down the weeks until iPhone 15 models launch, there’s still good reason to pick up the 2022 model and, with it, the best case you can get. There’s a plethora of options out there from a multitude of different companies. And they’ve arguably never been more important.


As buyers tend to keep their phones for longer – and spend more money on them than before – protecting that investment and ensuring it gets through its 2-3 years of service (or even longer) is virtually a necessity. Trying to make sense of all the options available can be something of a challenge though. So in this guide, we’ll show you some of the best iPhone 14 Pro cases.

Whether you’re after a simple designer-brand number, a leather wallet, a protective shell or one that compliments the design of your phone the best, our pick of options covers them all.

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    Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe (iPhone 14 Pro)

    1. Our top pick

    As we’ve found for a number of years now, the best case for most people buying the iPhone 14 Pro is Apple’s own Silicone Case with MagSafe.It fits like a glove and has a really nice soft-touch texture to the silicone back which makes it a pleasure to hold. Plus, Apple sells it in a wide range of stunning colours. The lilac pictured looks fantastic on the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.The Silicone material offers effective shock absorption for most daily impact, and the MagSafe compatibility means it’ll stick to your iPhone like glue.

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    Incipio Duo for iPhone 14 Pro

    2. Premium protection

    Incipio’s Duo range is one of the company’s best-selling options for a simple reason: you get protection without adding unreasonable heft to the device. It’s been around for a while through various iterations, and is back for the iPhone 14 range.
    The Duo combines a hard exterior shell with an internal silicone layer to ensure you get the shock absorption and hard-shell armour.
    As an added bonus, you get MagSafe support with the latest range for iPhone 14 Pro, so it’ll not only snap securely onto your phone, but you can snap additional MagSafe accessories on the back.

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    Casetify Bounce (iPhone 14 Pro)

    3. Best for corner protection

    Casetify has made a name for itself by offering thousands of different designs and styles of case for iPhones over the years. Its introduction of ‘Bounce’ in 2022 means you still get that, but with a lot more protection at the corners.The case fits snugly, but has protruding impact-absorbing bumpers on all four corners so that if you drop it, it’s going to absorb that energy and ensure the phone isn’t damaged.Add that to the countless number of design options available, and the inclusion of MagSafe, and you have a very attractive proposition. It’s expensive but worth it.

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    PITAKA MagEZ Case 3 (iPhone 14 Pro)

    4. Best for thinness

    There’s lots to love about Pitaka’s MagEZ Case 3, but the biggest thing is its super thin profile. It’s a case that even people who hate cases would tolerate, adding very little bulk at all, while still offering impact protection.The case’s lightweight build is thanks to the recycled aramid fibre construction which gives it the look of carbon fibre. It’s subtle and attractive.It even has MagSafe support, giving you an extra bit of reassurance that it won’t drop off the phone, and means you can keep using all your other MagSafe accessories. It is quite pricey though.

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    Mous Limitless 5.0 for iPhone 14 Pro

    5. Best for drop protection

    There’s a chance that if you’ve ever watched YouTube, you’ve seen videos of Mous cases being dropped out of helicopters and all sorts. The reason for it is that the case offers really good impact resistance thanks to its construction.
    The edges are filled with something called AiroShock which absorbs impact, while the exterior of the case has a rigid feel to it and has raised edges around all the important parts of your phone.
    It comes with the walnut backplate (featured), plus bamboo, black leather, aramid fibre, speckled fabric and a white, pearlescent finish.

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    dbrand GRIP (iPhone 14 Pro)

    6. Best for grippyness

    Dbrand is most well-known for its smartphone skins, but it also makes really good phone cases with a focus on one thing: grippyness. The Dbrand Grip features microscopic holes and texture to make it “impossible to drop” (their words, not ours).The buttons are really nice and clicky, the edges drop on the sides to make it easier to use your phone screen while providing an edge that protrudes around the corners and cameras to protect those.Of course, being Dbrand, it also has the company’s iconic designs on the back and you get to choose the skin.

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    Torro Leather Folio Case for iPhone 14 Pro

    7. Best leather folio case

    Torro has been making great leather wallet cases for years, and selling them at relatively affordable prices. The iPhone 14 Pro folio cleverly uses magnets to keep it shut. No more elastic band getting in the way.
    The Torro Leather Folio case is covered in full-grain leather and comes in seven different colours: Tan, Racing Green, Black, Burgundy,  Dark Brown, Light Blue and Black with red detailing.
    There are slots for three cards, and a space for holding cash within the cover. It also has MagSafe support this year, making it even more convenient than ever.

How to choose an iPhone 14 case

Picking a case isn’t always easy. There are so many factors to consider when looking at the best way to accessorise your iPhone 14 Pro. We try to answer some of your biggest questions below:

Do iPhone 14 cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro?

Sadly not. You can’t just buy an iPhone 14 case and hope it fits the Pro. This is due to the camera hump on the back being considerably larger and needing a bigger cutout. None of your older ‘Pro’ model cases will fit either.

How much drop protection do you need?

This is certainly worth considering. You might be very careful with your phones, and mostly keep it on your desk at home, and rarely have it out in the open. For you, drop protection might not be absolutely necessary. But if you’re out and about, and have been known to drop or bang your phone against things, it’s definitely worth looking at a durable, shock-absorbant case.

Do you use MagSafe?

As MagSafe enters its third generation of iPhone, there are more accessory options than ever for MagSafe. So if you see yourself using something like Apple’s MagSafe Wallet, or a MagSafe PopSocket, or even a MagSafe charger, you’re best getting a case that also includes support and has the built-in magnets. Thankfully, in 2022, there are more MagSafe-compatible cases than ever. They might cost more, but they’re worth it if you like using the feature. The good news is that it doesn’t necessarily mean a chunkier case anymore.

What materials do you like?

Some materials look and feel nicer than others and – like a lot of things – this is entirely a matter of personal preference. Some absolutely love natural materials like leather or wood, others prefer the harder plastic shell with a slightly rough finish, or maybe you love the softer matter silicone.

Is your iPhone your wallet too?

If not, and you still like to carry around cards and cash with you, you can potentially reduce the number of items in your pocket by getting a wallet/folio-style case, or a case with a card/cash compartment built into the back. If you’re one of those who uses Apple Pay everywhere and don’t need a wallet at all, obviously you don’t need a wallet-style case.

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